Recipe for Kheer


Every one has his/her own choice, some like spicy food, some are fond of sweets, some prefer simple food, some like sweet and sour dishes but when it comes to sweets in festival, nobody can resist them in festive season.

I am also a kind of person who likes spicy food and don’t prefer much sweets but on the occasion of Diwali, I can’t refrain myself from sweets and leave my diet consciousness on hold 🙂 😉

Any meal is incomplete without dessert and if it is the occasion of Diwali, a sweet dish is a Must Have ingredient of the meal. And now when only two days are left to Diwali.Today, on the occasion of Dhanteras( a festival, 2 days before Diwali for Good health, wealth and prosperity), I planned to get you intimated with another Dessert’s recipe after nutty besan laddoos, Kheer (Rice Pudding) that can be enjoyed with whole family after having delicious lunch or dinner. The name itself is tempting and mouthwatering and nobody can evade from eating it. In my family my father enjoys it most and its taste is applauded by everyone.

Here let’s go with its recipe-


Preparation Time– 1 hour

Cooking time ½ hour




Basmati/Normal Rice- 1 medium bowl full o 200g

Milk- 1litre

Castor Sugar– 2 and1/2 cups full

Almond paste– 3 tbsp

Cashew nuts (chopped)-8

Almonds (chopped)-8

Pistachio nuts-12(8chopped, 4 thin sliced)



Green cardamom powder-2tsp

Kesar(saffron)-6 strands

Kewda jal(Pandanus odoratissimus oil)-2 tsp(edible aromatic oil)

Desi ghee (clarified butter)-2tbsp

Steps to follow-

  1. During preparation soak rice and almonds separately for 1 hour.                      Now make 3 tbsp of paste of almonds.
  2. Take desi ghee in heavy bottomed utensil and heat it. Add strained rice into utensil and sauté till rice are done.
  3. Add milk & almond paste to the rice and cook it on high flame with occasional stirring. Reduce it to half into a thick mixture.
  4. Now add sugar, mix it well and give a last boil. If a little sugar will be more, there will be no harm; it will only add more of your sweetness into it 😉
  5. Sprinkle all the dry fruits, keeping three four pistachios separate for garnishing and mix well. And cook no more after a minute of cooking on low flame.
  6. Mix kewda jal, green cardamom powder and serve hot garnished with pistas and kesar.

You can also relish its scrumptious taste on cooling too.

Now get ready to gobble!!

I tasted and it was yummm…., its aroma of cardamom powder and Pandanus oil (kewda jal) is exceptionally nice. Rich thick creamy texture of kheer melts in mouth and sweetness is charismatic!

So did you cook it this time? How was it? Do tell me via comments and what else variations you do in it, inform me!

If you like it, found delicious, worth sharing, share it through social sharing buttons lower to the post.

     Happy Eating!


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