Rangoli on the occasion of Diwali

Today was the day of Diwali. And I was busy doing preparation for that, cleaning and decorating home. So I could not spare time out my schedule to update my post during day time so I thought I should let you all know about one special thing that I  enjoy doing every Diwali that is making Rangoli.

Rangoli is the art of expression of dedication and faith towards Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) with help of different designs. These are made on the occasion of Diwali with a purpose lies behind that this Rangoli welcomes Goddess Laxmi and along with her, wealth and prosperity also get their way to the respective home.

These designs are mostly made on floors with different powdered colors but can also be made on walls with chalk or pastels. The designs of Rangoli have different patterns and always associated with some traditional symbols or pictures. The colors used for making Rangoli are either, lime stone powder, colored bran, colored rice, colored chalk powder or different flowers.

It was originated by some of the kings in India during medieval period. In Maharashtra (a state of India in south west), it is called Rangoli that means Rang (colors) – avali (row) i.e. rows of colors. This name is most widely used in India. In Bengal (a state of India in south east) it is called Alpana and in south India it is known as Kolam.

Illuminated Rangoli

Making a bigger Rangoli requires a little more efforts and time too but when it gets completed then its colorful glance is very enchanting that vanishes away all your fatigue. This time and last time I made a little bigger Rangoli than usual ones and it was very colorful and captivating. This time it was having a flower shaped structure having differently shaped and differently colored petals with a Swasthik symbol (a traditional symbol that looks alike from all sides) in the centre. Rangoli pattern was filled with lime stone powdered colors and colored bran colors. It was finally decorated with flowers and diyas. And diyas when lit up Rangoli got all in all different texture and was looking very mesmerizing.

Did you like my art? Do tell me and share it freely on social sharing!!

Happy Diwali !!

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