Recipe for Gulab Jamuns/ Rasgullas

Yesterday was grand celebration day of Diwali. And on this occasion there was a lot of fun with lights, diyas crackers and of course sweets. I had a lot of sweets and I prepared them too in busy schedule of Diwali day. The sweet for the day was the king of all sweets, Rasgullas/ famous rashogullas of Bengal/gulab jamun. These are golden brown colored, soft and velvety sugar syrup filled spongy balls. They are always found in every meal as dessert on every auspicious occasion.

As I relished them yesterday whole heartily, I wish to share its taste with you all today. Today, it’s little late but its taste is same as yesterday’s. So here I go with its recipe-

Gulab jamun


Servings-4(25-30 pieces)

Time Taken30 min

Category- Dessert


Khoya- 1&1/2 cups

Refined flour/all purpose flour (Maida) – 1 cup

Baking soda- 1tsp


Water- 3 cups

Green cardamom powder- 2 tsps

Rose essence- 1 tsp

Pistachio-5-6 chopped for garnishing

Refined oil- for deep frying

Steps to follow-

  1.  Make sugar syrup by taking sugar and water in heavy bottomed utensil and heat it on high flame until sugar dissolves and consistent syrup is ready. Mix rose essence and 1 tsp of cardamom powder. Leave it for cooling to warm temperature as we want warm syrup and not hot because hot syrup can break up the gulab jamuns’ balls.
  1. While sugar syrup is cooling, we make dough. Take khoya, refined flour, baking soda and 1 tsp of cardamom powder in a bowl and knead it to fine dough. It should not have any lumps or cracks. Make sure it is not too tight otherwise balls of rasgullas will not be smooth and plain. If dough has cracks over it, smoothen it with more khoya, if on hand.
  2. Now take some amount of dough and give it a shape of ball pressing hard with hands and gently over its surface. For balls to be smooth, rub some ghee/ oil on the palms and then start making balls. Make equal balls with whole dough. The balls must be of small size otherwise on having bigger size, first they will swell up on frying and then will further swell up on soaking in sugar syrup and this will cause cracks in ball, hence will disintegrate finally.
  3. Now take oil in a wok for deep frying and heat it. Reduce the flame from high to medium and deep fry the ready balls until they are golden brown from all sides. Make sure temperature of oil doesn’t reduce much due to crowding of balls in the wok. So maintain a proper temperature and cook them on medium flame properly from all sides in less crowded quantity otherwise they may look good from outside but inside there will be lumps due to improper cooking.
  4. fried gulab jamun

    5. As soon as you fry them, dip them directly into the sugar syrup and let them be for absorbing sugar syrup. It may take nearly 1 hour for proper absorption. On proper absorbing, they will become velvety spongy sweet balls.                                                                                                              6. Serve them warm or hot or chilled after refrigeration. Present them garnished with chopped pistachios and enjoy. In all forms they are delicious.

Try it and bring delight in family members’ life with their sweetness.

I hope u liked this recipe…. Tell me via your comments and share it with social sharing.

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