Funky Nail Art

Today in the morning time when I was checking my mails and typing replies to one of the mails, my attention got diverted towards my nails in which only slight dull and discolored nail paint was left. Nails had also become improperly shaped and were not properly filed too. So I thought to myself that it is not fair to my nails to be left un-cared and ignored. It had been long time; I had not done manicure, so I decided to do it at home the way I told in my article, Manicure at home.

And when I was finding the nail paint remover, I glanced up to the collection of my nail pops, so I thought I should do the nail art simultaneously.

Nail Pops

Firstly I did manicure in few minutes of time. And then gave a chunky funky look to my nails as well as my sis’s nails with funky nail art.

Nail art can be done in many simple ways at home. First of all nails should be clean, old nail paint should be removed with nail paint remover or diluter. Give them proper shape with filer and then go with doing nail art. In one way, ready-made self adhesive nail tattoos can be printed on nail pops; in second way apply a transparent/ colored nail base, let it dry, stick funky colorful glitter on it and finally apply a transparent nail coat and let it dry again. Funky glittery nails will be ready.

Third way, you can have beaded nails in the same way funky colored glitters are applied. Instead of glitters, you have to stick beads in different patterns. Coat them with transparent nail paint and let them dry so that beads don’t fall.

And lastly you can make your own patterns like, flowers, stars, dots, stripes etc. with the help of nail brush like I made funky faces, smilies, and dotted pattern on nails. Firstly I applied nail base, allowed it to dry, made designs with nail brush and left them to dry and finally applied thin transparent nail coat. So that nails appear smooth and plain. Bristles of nail brush should be very fine and thick so that designs can be drawn with ease. You can also use tooth pick for making designs.

Nail Art

Once I also tried making angry birds on my nails which is my favorite online game. They also look very frivolous and chunky.

I hope you must have liked my ways of doing nail art with so much ease.

Review them with your comments and let me know how your experience with these ways was.

Have Beautiful hands!!

Keep sharing!!

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