My experience with music and Priyanka Chopra’s Second electro pop single with Chain smokers

Music brings contentment in your life. A soothing song vanishes away your exhaustion in a minute. A soulful music sets you apart from your stress, despair and sadness. Music therapy works well to reduce your stress and fills zeal in your life. You feel rejuvenated towards your goals and other life activities.

Music has gone deeply inserted in to my soul that now it seems an unfeasible act to separate music from my life. Without music my life is imperfect. I was not as much passionate about music as I am now. Music became an inseparable fad to my life in my late teenage years. Since then I feel there would have been no single day without music. Music is always there in my background whether at home or outside. At home my music player remains on and my daily activities go on with the rhythm of songs either its cooking for my family or telling you all readers about the recipes through blogging on my computer or any other work at home.

When I go outside my head phones are always in and I enjoy music on way also. Even when I was in college I used to go and come back listening music with my music player. Obviously I could not get continued with my music in my class or while I studied 🙂 but other times I continued this passion. I am not much into classical or folk music, my favorite one is modern music and I am fond of Bollywood music. Hollywood music is also very enjoyable. I always want to have some nice new music additions to my music collection. In Bollywood my favourite singers are Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and many more. In Hollywood I listen to Taylor Swift, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Shayne ward etc.

Enrique Iglesias at MuchMusic       Kismat (Sonu Nigam album)   English: Shreya Ghoshal at X Factor    Shakira

Though I am not a good singer or any music instrument player but I have a passion for listening to music and adore some good music and music for soul. In my schooldays I gave chance to playing piano, harmonium etc but couldn’t complete its learning as whole. I learned sargam (SA RE GA MA PADHA NI SA) and tried to play some of the other tunes. Later when I learnt birthday song on my piano, I presented my birthday song to my friend on her birthday by playing it on my piano myself. But after some years of time my schedule took a turn in such a different way that my studies dominated over practicing music; playing piano,harmonium, singing etc became a matter of past. But still fervor for music is alive and this time also, I got fascinated by one of the affairs of music world.

English: Jagmeet Bal at the launch of Save the...
English: Jagmeet Bal at the launch of Save the Girl Child music video with Priyanka Chopra. The video has been produced by Sun Foundation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Again Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress turned singer has decked up with her single, Erase collaborating with International band, The Chain smokers. After the great success of her debut single, In My City with; it’s her second single based on Electro Dance music or electro pop that will be launched in December 2012. However only a small preview has been made available on Youtube and other sites. It has got huge views till now and many more in coming time too.
youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Erase, The Chain Smokers ft. Priyanka Chopra (video)

In My City ft. Priyanka Chopra and video)

Priyanka Chopra has shown to world that she is bestowed with multi-talents after featuring in International songs and embellished them with her voice. Her voice is sounding awesome in these tracks and it can’t be judged by listening that these electro pop English songs are sung by an Indian and she is sounding so ideal for these songs. The work of DJs/ music producer duos (Andrew Winter and Alex Pall of The Chain Smokers) on recording is excellent. She found herself fortunate working with world’s best team mates on music collaboration and these two guys of The Chain Smokers praised Priyanka for her sensual voice and her hard work of singing. I am proud of Priyanka that she belongs to my state & our country. My best wishes to her for her new venture of music.

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