Playing with food: Food Art

While we satiate our hunger and keep gobbling food, we don’t give a single thought to an unidentified secret that lies behind the food. That unidentified secret is art and creativity that is concealed within all the food items that we eat in everyday life. If we observe food   items in a different way, we will surely see some beautiful patterns, designs and creative textures are hiding behind them.

Food art is such a beautiful thing that helps in creating so many awesome patterns with food items; it may be vegetables, grains, fruits, peels and other similar stuffs. Food art also helps in presentation of recipes in beautiful manner. It is getting a lot of attention and appreciation these days. Food art being a new fad is also becoming a growing profession in many countries like United Kingdom etc.

Yesterday during breakfast, when I was making omelets, I was observing kept eggs there. They started giving me vibes that a beautiful food art can be made using them. I made mice with them; a male mouse and a female mouse roaming in jungle. I used bread for base of jungle, cauliflower florets for making trees that I painted green and brown, carrotswere used to make ears of mice and long thin sliced carrot for making their tails. With the help of marker I made their face.

Food Art1

Second food art was with big green chillies, carrot and bread. As Christmas season is near. Its preparation has already started so it gave me a thought to make Christmas treekind of pattern with above mentioned food items. I made a red star after carving a star of bread and painted red. Christmas tree branches were made with half cut green chillies and stem with the help of carrot peel. I hope you would be able to envision it as Christmas tree…. J finger crossed. As I am new to this art hence it could be a feeble prototype of this art but its fine; perfection comes with practice so I am practicing it too with my food recipes.

Food Art2

I got fascinated by this art too much after seeing its awe-inspiring glance in newspaper and its growing trend in culinary profession too. The structures and the prototypes made with food art are really amazing and captivating. Keeping my child alive in me I made these two arts….. Hope you would appreciate my inception efforts. Make your food art too!

Keep envisioning food and keep experimenting! It’s so much fun


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