Recipe for Sambhar

As I promised in my post of recipe for sunehri Kanchipuram Idli, that in my next post I’ll be coming up with Sambhar recipe but in my last post I landed up with food art that fascinated me so much so I shared that first but today keeping with that promise, I am here with the recipe for sambhar. It was like trend in my family, during my childhood days that Sundays were predetermined to be the days when Dosa and Sambhar were served in lunch always. Dosa and Sambhar have always been my favorite. But I started savoring Sambhar more since I first tasted it at my aunt’s home very early in my childhood days. Before that I used to prefer Dosa with coconut & curd chutney. I have been eating it since from my childhood till now. But the flavor of sambhar that I tasted there can’t be forgotten ever. That time I was too young to cook so my mom used to cook that for me and I always asked her to cook same like I tasted at aunt’s home and she used to tell me when you will grow up, you could have that recipe from your aunt and you’ll be able to cook like her. To fulfill my wish, mom asked her that recipe of sambhar for that time but still…. I had a wish I could cook up sambhar like her. She is great cook and always ready to try something new in her kitchen and adopt new changes in recipes. When I came into passion of cooking and eating I myself learnt again that recipe from her. Now in this post I am acquainting you all with the recipe of sambhar suiting as per my taste. Sambhar is soup like; eaten with dosa, idli or vada. It is having vegetables cooked with dal (pulse) mixed with spices. A special spice is made for this called sambhar masala using various other pulses and spices. It tastes delicious; somewhat tangy, bitter sour integrating with flavors of vegetables and pulse. Tampering serves as icing on the cake. So here goes its recipe-



Time Taken-10 min for preparation 10 min for cooking


Category- Main course


For Sāmbhar- Arhar Dal/ Toor dal- 1½ cup

Onions- 2 medium (chopped)

Brinjals- 1 chopped

Bottle guard- ½ medium (cubed)

Potatoes-2 medium (cubed small)

Tomatoes- 4 medium (chopped)

Tamarind pulp- 2 tbsp


For Sambhar Masala-

Toor Dal/ Arhar dal- 1 tsp

Chana dal (Split Bengal gram) – 1 tbsp

Urad dal (Split Black gram) – 1tbsp

Whole red chillies (Kashmiri chillies for color) – 8-10

Coriander seeds- 1 tbsp

Turmeric (whole/ Powdered)-2-3sticks/1tbsp

Asafoetida- 1/2tsp

Whole Jeera/ cumin seeds- 1 large tsp

For Tampering-

Curry leaves- 4-5

Whole red chillies- 3-4

Mustard seeds- 1tsp

Asafoetida- 1pinch Oil- 2tsp

Steps to follow-

  1. Roast all the ingredients for sambhar masala.
  2. Grind it to a powder.
  3. Pressure cook arhar dal, onions, brinjals, bottle guard, Potatoes, tomatoes in 3 cups of water for 3-4 whistles.
  4. Now add ground sambhar masala, tamarind pulp and salt. Bring to boil and then turn off the flame.
  5. For tampering, heat oil and fry tampering ingredients in a pan.
  6. Transfer this tampering into hot Sambhar. And serve with Dosa or Idli.

You must try it out and savor its flavor with whole family.

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