My Book of Moments: DIY Project

Our life comprises moments; some moments can be forgotten easily and some always remain close to our hearts, these moments seem so special that instill a feeling deep inside to confine them for whole of our life. We wish to live these moments to the fullest and don’t want to overlook a single flash of that moment….

A moment of happiness….

A moment of joy

A moment of togetherness

A moment of delight with whole family

A moment of child’s birth and then lots of lots of moments during his/her life since first cry till last breath.

But we know, we are not that much fortunate to live those moments once again those have occurred in past or the moments we are living at present.

Capturing whole of these moments altogether at a place and then recalling all these moments while glancing over them looks so pleasurable and blissful. It gives so much contentment and gratification to our hearts that they appear occurring live in our front.

Likewise I too have one such place where I have captured moments of my life; some are very special moments, very close to my heart; some are sweet bitter experience and I have not given space to bitter harsh occurrences of life in that place. That place is exceptionally very special to me and that is MY BOOK OF MOMENTS.

My Book of Moments(DIY)
My Book of Moments(DIY)

All those special moments are amassed there that keep importance in my life. They are my feelings, my thoughts, my thinking, my views expressed there and penned into texts and glued in pics.

Few days back, when I was searching my PD in the shelf, I saw my book of moments kept unwrapped there with the page of 18th birthday moment opened. That birthday was very special and was one of the most enjoyed birthdays. So I entered that moment in the book. That time one thought came to my mind; these moments have adorned my life so I should also go for adorning the book comprising these beautiful moments. Then I ended up deciding to do a DIY (Do It Yourself) project embellishing the cover of the book that was plain earlier. But after putting some efforts on that cover, a colorful front came out, truly colorful like me. I finished that DIY project last night that took two days of time.

For DIY Project things needed were:

Colored laces

Flower stickers



Straight razor

Hard colored papers

Sketch colors

Water colors

Colorful Buttons


Handmade flowers

Ice-cream sticks

PencilDIY Project items

I decided a pattern for that cover, glued all the objects required in the pattern. Carve patterns on paper and cut accordingly and glued where required. Decorated with glitters.

My Book of Moments
My Book of Moments

Moments are so private to me. They will be shared in my later posts as per the need of time.

hope you liked my efforts! keep sharing, liking & commenting!

Happy blogging!


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