Recipe for Rasmalai

Rasmalai is the dessert that means sweet patties filled with Ras (juice) and Malai cream). Rasmalai is very popular sweet, can be found at any special occasion. It is famous sweet mainly of Bengal; where it is called Roshmalai. Rasmalai contains spongy sweet patties/ rasgulla like structures which are drenched in rich creamy juicy sweet liquid. It is very appetizing and an ideal end to the meal. When you end your meal with an ideal dessert, meal becomes easily digestive and your metabolism works proper. Here I have provided an instant way to prepare rasmalai with ready made rasgullas, there is another way to make it with core raw product, milk by separating milk curd from milk fat in whey which I’ll share in my later post. Now here goes Rasmalai Recipe-



Time taken-45 min

Servings– 6-8 pieces



Chhene Ke Rasgullas(white Rasgullas)- 6-8

Milk- ½ liter

Condensed milk– 100 g

Edible color- 1pinch

Saffron- 6-8 strands

Steps to Follow

  1. Squeeze out the sugar syrup from all the rasgullas. And collect that sugar syrup in a bowl.

  2. Take milk in a heavy bottomed deep pan. Bring it to boil. When it starts boiling lower the flame and add ½ of the drained out sugar syrup and condensed milk while stirring the milk so that condensed milk doesn’t stick to the bottom.Rasmalai
  3. Stirring occasionally, reduce the milk to half of the quantity that is rich thick granular milk mixture. It may take 15-20 min.Rasmalai
  4. Now add edible color; instead of directly adding in milk, mix a pinch of it in a ¼ cup of milk and then add into milk mixture. Mix wellRasmalai
  5. Add squeezed rasgullas into milk mixture and mix well.RasmalaiRasmalai
  6. Bring a boil and then turn off the flame. Take out in a bowl and keep it in refrigerator until cool off.
  7. Serve chilled garnished with saffron.
    Rasmalai garnished with saffron
    Rasmalai garnished with saffron


Try out this tempting dessert and calm down your taste buds’ urge for sweets feasting them with the yummy dessert!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. love this dish. thanks for the recipe now ill try and make it myself

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you 🙂
      Ohh you cook too. I thought you remain busy in your journalist activities :). But anyway thanks for liking…

      1. i dont cook at all 🙂 but i want to try this out. i love rasmalais. rather learn than buying from a store all the time 🙂

      2. shobhnaa says:

        Yeah sure! try it out, you would like it… this is an easy way to make rasmalai instantly instead of another long process.

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