Food art with breads and Veggies

Yesterday when I picked up breads to make break fast in the morning, I found their expiry date has already passed. Awwww….. Poor me! I was feeling so lazy, could never manage to go grocery at any cost sacrificing my laziness. I prepared breakfast without those crunchy toasts that I missed much 🙂

There were many slices left in pack which I was feeling awful to throw away in bin. So decide to do some playful with that and it would be some change to everyday doing same with breads and that is cooking. I did food art with those stale breads and some vegetables in hands.

Things I used in making food art-

Brown & white breads








Snacky Biscuits

Acrylic Colors

Last time what I made were mice from eggs and Christmas tree (can be visualized like that) with chillies and bread

This time, in my first food art, Bear’s face is made with bread, tomatoes and colors having cabbage background.

Bear Food Art
Bear Food Art

In second one, Face of a cow and Giraffe have merged what I have figured out in this art 😉  I began to make a cow’s face but while doing it…. It came out a new face, two faces together 🙂 (but more like Giraffe) How great I am 😉

For this too I have used bread, tomatoes and colors. Carved the image, colored and placed tomatoes.

Giraffe Food art
Giraffe Food art

In last one…… I have extended the abbreviation, T.G.I.F with different colored vegetables and snacky biscuits; cutting vegetables in alphabetical shapes and placing them accordingly.

On a Friday Evening, when you are sitting hungry and suddenly Food appears in surprise you would necessarily word out this abbreviation, Thank God It’s Food instead of Thank God It’s Friday. A celebrated Friday eve is incomplete with food to celebrate weekend.

TGIF food art
TGIF food art

In all three food arts vegetables are used in a very minute quantity and not at all waste; pleasing to eyes and fun as well.

You can envision once again that ulterior child hidden deep in my heart though this art. All mommies out there can do some playful with food and can have fun with their children doing this food art (Though I am neither mom nor married yet but hoping to be both in near future 🙂 but I do for myself to have some fun… leave it, let’s proceed with this food art). Then food can be interesting to their children too. You can do food art with cooked food in a simple edible manner without coloring and it would appeal your children towards eating nutritious food and keeping them healthy.

Engross in food art, envision things, make and have fun!



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