Recipe for Chocolate Coffee

Winter is on its top. And as it is pacing up with passing time, cold waves are getting more and more strong. My craving for hot drinks is getting even stronger. It is so gratifying and heartwarming to get a hot cup of coffee or tea in shivering cold weather. It vanishes away all feel of cold and gives warmth instead. I never thought that Coffee could be so versatile in preparing different beverages until I came across various recipes of beverages made with coffee. Though making them, you require some special ingredients but they give a flavorsome taste to beverage. In this post I am going to make Chocolate coffee. Here the special ingredient I found was hazelnut syrup that gives special tang and aroma to coffee. Chocolate coffee gets prepared in few minutes and is instant source of warmth with lip smacking chocolaty flavor.

Chocolate Coffee
Chocolate Coffee


Time taken- 10 min

Servings- 4

Category- Beverage


Coffee Powder- 4 tsp

Dark Chocolate Powder- ½ cup

Castor Sugar– 4 tsp

Milk– 4 ½ cups

Almond extract/ hazelnut syrup- few drops

Cinnamon Powder- ½ tsp

Steps to Follow-

  1. Boil milk until froth starts coming from sides of milk.
  2. While milk is boiling, make a mixture of chocolate powder, coffee powder, castor sugar in a half cup of hot milk. Keep stirring until it’s frothy.
  3. Add few (1-2) drops of almond extract/hazelnut syrup and mix.
  4. Divide this mixture into 4 cups; pour in Boiled milk and sprinkle Cinnamon powder.
  5. Whisk and serve hot.

Enjoy the warmth of chocolate coffee in cold weather and make your moments chocolaty with each of its sip.

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