Christmas Nail Art

So, you all set to celebrate Christmas with a grand bash? The most awaited festival of the year is just a few days away. I am still busy doing preparations of the festival but my nails are all set prepared. They have plunged deep into festive mood and have got painted bicolored, the two most sighted color of Christmas season: Red and white. It is so flattering to see aura adorned with red and white. I thought if the whole ambiance is enfolded in these two colors, why should I lag behind adorning myself with them. So I gave a start by painting my nails with the theme of Christmas.

I made nail art based on Christmas theme which included; bicolored stripes on my index finger, Christmas cap on my middle finger, Santa Claus on my ring finger, Christmas tree star on my little finger and Reindeer on my thumb.

Christmas theme Nail Art
Christmas theme Nail Art

Santa Clause is looking so cute, no??  I know it is 🙂 . Reindeer is so elegant 😉 I know that too.

When I ended up doing my nail art; seeing my nail art, my Sis insisted to make some Christmas nail art on her nails too. I thought, I have made most of the important Christmas stuffs on my nails, what are other things that I can include on her nails. Then a thought crops up in my mind to combine winters theme with Christmas one. Hence I created Snow- man on her index finger, Strawberry on middle finger, Christmas tree on ring finger, snow on little finger and cherry kind of structure on her thumb.

Winters and Christmas theme Nail Art
Winters and Christmas theme Nail Art

I think nail art on her hand has come up more sparkling and dazzling…. I know her hands are more elegant that’s why the upshot is distinguished a bit (is it sounding jealous? ;)….. no way 🙂 ) I like each of her nail art structures and mine too.

Get ready to create your Christmas nail art and don’t leave anything untouched that’s not being celebrated in Christmas spirit, not even your nails.


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