Christmas stocking- DIY

Christmas stocking
Christmas stocking

I have got my Christmas stocking ready that I finished embellishing today with a final touch. I would tie that stocking with a wish on my Christmas tree and hope that wish gets fulfilled soon. Fingers crossed…

Things needed and their use-

Stocking/ Pouch like socks- one of a pair

Pencil- to carve patterns of wish (like cherry, snowman, flowers etc.)


Thermocoal cutter

Acrylic colors



Punch Paper/ hard paper


Red Ribbon


How I went with the process-

I painted stocking with dark blue black color to give a night hue. Left it to dry. Carved snowman and its cap on thermocoal and cut with the help of scissors. Drew its face and colored its cap red. Carved Cherry, flowers and frozen snow like design on punch paper and got them colored in red and green.

Stuck snowman and its cap on stocking, covering its neck with red ribbon and sticking buttons and ribbon with glue. Again glued cherry, frozen snow like design and flowers.

Finally made small balls of snow with cotton and got them glued. Christmas stocking is ready.

Make your Christmas stocking too and get your wish fulfilled this Christmas. Merry Christmas!!


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