Accessorizing for an outing

Woww! Yesterday, after so long finally I managed to go for a day out; some shopping, flavors of some famous street foods, a cheesy delight at Domino’s and finally a scrumptious dinner at my favorite restaurant.

The day was really full of enjoyment. It was chilling cold weather outside in the morning. It was indicating again that probably we would not be able to step out in this chilling cold, all foggy all around but later pacing with time, fog started fading away and sunshine started sparkling out of cloud veil. Fortunately a beautiful gleaming day bounced up in our front making way clear for our outing. We immediately got ourselves prepared and embarked on for a joyful day out. I dressed up myself taking few minutes of time and got myself ready in similar way like I notified in Flickery, flashy, flaunting looks in seconds.

You can also check out how? Here.

Highlights of my look were my accessories. Although in this cold weather, we are too helpless to avoid being wrapped in Eskimo’s look. But I became fortunate enough to have slighter cold shiny day on our day out which allowed me to highlight some of my accessories otherwise they would have gone hidden gloves and tight buttoned overcoat.

First accessory highlighting my look is an Owl shaped neck piece. It has bronze colored overall finish having a long flexi chain and one colored owl pendant. Owl pendant is looking very cute due its color the way it is designed. It has bronze head having two shiny stoned black eyes with a body divided in three colored pleats(green, grey, and bronze with blue tint in b/w) hanging on one another joined with hooks which is causing these pleats to swing on movement. It looks very sweet to them swinging. It has one feathered tail differently colored. It priced me 200 INR which I bought from a fest held at my city where cultures from various states and cities of our country accumulate for 10 days in November and spread feel of unison in diversity.

Second accessory embellishing my right hand is a bracelet in copper colored finish having copper hooked base chain with blue, copper and black colored structures and stones are hanging around. The structures are differently shaped but my favorite is coppered butterfly and one designed copper cone. It is a bit heavy in weight (due to the material used is a metal and structures hanging with chain) but look very antique yet funky. This I purchased from, a good lifestyle online store. It was at 356 INR. Its look is justifying the price but it is true that the appearance I saw in real was a bit different I saw in ad pic of the site. Though it has an appealing look worth at this value.

Third ones are two bangles made of Indian Rosewood (sheesham) and lustrous paints on them. These are painted in two different colors: one is dark blue colored and other is brownish-black colored with white hue differently in both. They are very reasonably priced at 25 INR each yet they are very trendy. I got to bag in these there only at that fest.

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