Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)

Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)One day when I was making Dhokla ; a thought was crawling in my mind when snacks like Dhokla and Idlis  fluff up on steaming their respective batter; then we have some kind of similar batter for cakes too, can we also make a fluffed up cake using cake-batter in a steamer? A laudable inquisitive thought no? 🙂 But the moment I finished up making dhoklas I focused on eating them and that inquisitive thought gone dormant somewhere in the mind.
That thought was lying dormant but somewhere still alive in mind and it cropped up suddenly again when I was wishing to present something unusual to my Papa on his birthday. What else can be more important than a Birthday-cake present on any birthday. So what can be unusual about it?…. A steamed one! The thought of making a steamed cake got a sudden recall on Papa’s birthday and result is here: a steamed mini chocolate cake, a cute birthday cake for my Papa!
That day, I googled that can a cake be made using steamer. And I got an optimistic reply by Great Google. During that search, I encountered several recipes using batter of cake for steaming, they were similar with slight differences. Some were egg-less, others included; some used condensed milk, some avoided, few used plain yogurt instead of Milk. But the basic idea behind those recipes which I came across with, is cake can be made with using steamer that’s what I wanted to know. It involved, no baking, no microwave-oven just a steamer, few ingredients of usual cake batter and only some “things to remember”. I used necessary ingredients I wanted to include in my steamed cake and have adjusted them to the quantity required for usual cake. The resulted Cake was good enough but not “The cake” I expected. Though it was an unusual gift and a surprise to Papa. He liked it and lauded the efforts I put in.
May be some precautions I missed out which I should have taken. It’s okay, always there is next chance.
Next time when I had a wish to have a steamed cake, I again landed up to the troubleshooter, Google to enlist precautions involved while making steamed cake. From there I got a list of notes essential to take in account while making cake in steamer; for this I thank Edible garden and Google. This time I took every care into account while making cake with the same batter ingredients I used earlier and result is in front here. Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
I was super excited at the results seen. I mean I felt out of the world when I saw my cake fluffed up like a cake baked in microwave, same fluffiness and lightness. It was light, fluffy, airy and having delicious chocolaty flavor. This time when I was making cake and left it to steam, I was so desperate about the best results that meanwhile when it was steaming I kept my fingers crossed and waited patiently for 25 minutes which appeared so long 🙂 . When I opened steamer and removed foil from moulds, I felt heavenly to see their baked like texture.Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
I was so excited that I could not resist to capture it in snaps, I snapped its tons of snaps and spent about 15 minutes only in snapping :). I snapped from each and every angle. I was wishing to upload all clicks but I know you all will get bored seeing same thing again and again from different sides that’s why uploaded few. Even Pooh got bored with my snapping, she was asking me to finish my photography at the earliest so that she could take a bite, cake was so appearing so cute and tempting that it was hard to wait. But sometimes it happens that our food bloggers’ families have to bear with our long sessions of food photography (that occur rarely 😉 ) last for several minutes before first bite taken 🙂Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
I have provided an alternative to steamer. If again steamer is constraining you from making cake, opt for that alternative. Still if you are vegan, and want an egg-less cake, skip egg, make your cake and say no to is its recipe-


Time taken- For Preparation- 10 min
                     For steaming-  25 min
Servings/Yield- 4 mini cakes
Category- Dessert


Milk-¾ cup
Castor sugar- ½ cup
Melted unsalted butter- ½ cup (or even vegetable oil would do)
Condensed milk- ¼ cup
Baking Powder- 1½ tsp
Baking soda- ¼ tsp
Cocoa powder- 3 tbsp
All purpose flour- 1½ cup
Vanilla essence- ½ tsp
For Chocolate Ganache/frosting-
Fresh Cream- 100 ml
Chocolate Syrup- 50 ml
Colored Choco gems- few
Chocolate scrapings- of one chocolate

Steps to follow-

1. Mix milk, castor sugar, condensed milk, melted unsalted butter and egg. Beat this well into a lump less homogeneous mixture using a beater.
2. Add baking powder and baking soda. Mix both well in the mixture, beat if required so that all get mixed well. Leave it for 3-5 min.
3. Sift in all-purpose flour and cocoa powder. Whisk it till no line of flour left. Keep whisking and mixing until a ribbon like consistency is acquired that means on pouring some amount of batter forms folded ribbons of batter.
4. Mix vanilla essence and get your moulds ready, greased with butter.
5. Fill these moulds half or 3/4th with batter (as batter will enhance in size after steaming), pat a little and cover the moulds’ opening with aluminium foil.
6. When water starts steaming keep your moulds inside the steamer and let them get steamed for about 25-30 min.
7. Take out your moulds from the steamer, remove foil and insert a knife/toothpick, if it comes out clean, then cake is cooked.Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
8. Don’t demould immediately; when cake cools down to room temp, run a knife continuously around the periphery of cake to mark the edges for demoulding. Invert the mould onto a plate and take off the mould carefully .Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
9. Here is your cake ready…. .Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
Top it with frosting, colored choco- gems and few chocolate scrapings. (For chocolate frosting/ganche- mix chocolate syrup in fresh cream and whip it well, chocolate frosting is ready).Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
10. Serve delicious, colorful, cute mini chocolate cake.
 I have also presented here layered steamed chocolate cake’s clicks. To make layered cake, cut in the middle towards base, spread chocolate frosting and title it with other half cake. Finally top with chocolate frosting,gems and few chocolate scrapings again.Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
 Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)
Things to remember- Points necessary to be considered while making steamed chocolate mini cake:
1. First of all, each ingredient must be well in proportion.
2. If you are vegetarian, you can omit the egg used and then too you can get a nice and good chocolate cake.
3.The cake made and steamed following this method, will be same like baked cake; airy, fluffy, spongy and soft but if you omit egg being vegan, yours would be a bit moist. Egg is used for good binding,aeration, and fluffiness.
4. Use small moulds because using a large cake tin may cause improper cooking of cake towards inside. That’s why it is a mini cake.
5. It is necessary to cover the moulds with aluminium foil because steam condensed in steamer would hinder the cake making and spoil the batter.
6. Keep it steaming on medium to low steam.
7. Time taken may differ by 5 to 10 min either more or less depending on various conditions like intensity of flame, steamer used etc. My steamer took 25 min, yours may vary. But I think 25 min is sufficient on average, you would get a best cake with this recipe. But if anyway you don’t get it right first time, notice your lacking and rectify into next.
8. Use toothpick/knife test to check proper cooking of cakes and wait 5-10 min before demoulding to let cake moulds cool down to ease demoulding and acquiring proper round shape without any distortion.
Here is one way to make your own steamer with any deep vessel with lid-
Make your own steamer and get your cake ready in few minutes. Take one steel stand like structure for holding moulds, where you can put your small moulds; I think Idli mould’s stand can serve the purpose to hold your small cake moulds.
Take big dough ball for sealing. Roll it into long rope like structure and flatten this dough rope.
Fill water in the vessel to certain height, and not submerging the platform of holding moulds. Water should be in large amount excess enough to steam for 25 minutes and during this time if steam gets its way to elapse, you don’t have to worry for drying up of vessel after complete evaporation.
Put your stand inside the vessel holding the moulds and cover with lid. Seal the joining edges of vessel and lid with the flattened dough rope. Stick it pinching with fingers from all over along the edge and end up sealing it properly otherwise steam may find its way to pass out. Leave it for steaming.
Get your steamed mini chocolate cake ready to eat in your self made steamer.
I hope you liked this recipe of steamed cake. Feel free to like, comment, query and share, as your any of the responses means a lot.

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  1. Looks delicious. I Love goey cakes.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you that you liked it…….. thanks for visiting!

  2. Shafeeda says:

    This looks amazing! Can I use small paper cups inside a steamer with cake batter in it and steam? I would love if you goive me an answer and can I use only condensed milk and no sugar?

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you….
      Let me reply to your second query first; you can use sweetened condensed milk only and skip sugar when you substitute the required sugar with adjusted quantity of condensed milk. For this make sure you get desired batter consistency by adding normal milk if required. I have yet not tried steamed cake with condensed milk only so I am bit unsure of result, if you try it out, notify me about the result.
      As moulds have to be in contact with steamer hold for 35 min then they should be high heat resistant. So it is advisable to use stainless steel or aluminium moulds. Normal paper moulds may distort at this high temp.

  3. Jiya Jesh says:

    I have never tried steamed cakes. This looks delicious Shobhnaa.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Thanks again for liking the cake

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