Vista with Veggies

Vista with Veggies (food art)
Vista with Veggies (food art)

I was sitting leisurely someday in afternoon with a thought in mind; to have some fun with food. It’s been long; food has not shown its versatility to acquire some interesting prototypes. You must have guessed what we are going to carry out in this post. Yeah…. Right! Food Art…!

I checked into the refrigerator and picked some vegetables, I twisted my creativity lobe of brain to drain out some useful stuff. And after few minutes of stint I got an idea to art a vista with vegetables in hand. I had-

2 Turnips- used for making two chirpy creatures

1 cauliflower base- to make hut house

2 ice-cream sticks- upper front of hut house

Black buttons and peppercorns (2 each) – for eyes in face

2 Carrots- for making beaks and other facial parts + Stems of trees

2 capsicums- to make upper part of trees

1 tomato- for flowers

Few handmade rose flowers



This vista is recounting a short story of two chirpy creatures named, Chichi (R) and Chichu (L) 🙂 . They live in a hut house made of cauliflower base.

One fine bright morning they come out of their house to take a walk in their garden, a small garden with only two trees and few flowers 🙂 . That time they come across with two big beautiful red flowers which bloomed that day only. They were amazed by their size. Suddenly what they got reminded of? That it was very special day…. The Valentine’s Day! Both presented one flower to each other and celebrated the whole day together 🙂 .

I know its kind of funny…. But to present food in an artistic way, you’ll have to concoct some story, tale, imagination. This way food will be more interesting, creative and arty. Present your food to the kids in this manner and make food more appealing to them.

Vista with Veggies (Food Art)
Vista with Veggies (Food Art)



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