Szechwan Rice

Last few days have been quite entertaining on my blog, songs, music, movie etc. Now I think, it’s time to quench our craving taste buds yearning a yummy dish this moment. So let’s head towards our major category and that is Food, Food and Food!

Today’s recipe is Szechwan Rice. Szechwan is a kind of Chinese cuisine from Southwestern China. Szechwan rice is prepared with cooked or boiled rice in combination of Chinese vegetables, flavored with vinegary garlic-chilly tang and peanuts creaminess. Now, rather than going to just fry the left cooked rice, try a new flavor called Szechwan rice.

It has colorful, crunchy-soft veggies in flavorful rice that looks so tempting. And its appearance doesn’t falsify its taste at all, which is equally delicious. It pairs so very well with Manchurian be it Veg or Paneer Manchurian. You can also have it without any gravies or curries. It has its own delicious taste. I just can’t wait to tell its recipe, let’s go ahead with this-

Szechwan Rice
Szechwan Rice


Time taken- For Preparation- 15 min

                      For Cooking-15 min

Servings- 4-6

Category- Main Course


Rice- 2 ½ cups




Cabbage- ¼

Spring Onion- 1

Raw peanuts- 1 tbsp (peeled off)

Garlic-7 cloves

Dry Red chillies- 4+1 crushed

Synthetic vinegar- 4 tbsp

Salt- to taste

Vegetable Oil- 2tbsp

Steps to follow-

Let’s do its preparation first

  1. Cook rice like done for regular cooking or take cooked/boiled rice you have. Keep aside.
  2. Soak garlic cloves, peanuts and 4 dried red chillies in 4 tbsp of vinegar for 10-15 min. Then grind garlic, peanuts and red chillies into a paste and keep vinegar as reserve for later.
  3. Shred cabbage, capsicum and carrots in Juliennes and chop spring onion along with greens and onion.

Okay all preparation done, let’s start cooking-

  1. Heat oil in a deep pan, add onions and crushed chilly flakes. Sauté until start browning.
  2. Now add spring onions, its greens and chilly-garlic-peanuts paste. Sauté it more.
  3. Add in all shredded veggies and season it with salt as per taste or 1 tsp is sufficient. Stir cook till they get soft yet remain a bit crunchy. Turn flame to lowest.( In the beginning, you may find veggies larger in amount for your rice but on cooking they are just right in quantity for rice, they shrink on seasoning and cooking)
  4. Put in cooked rice, add reserved vinegar and mix well. Turn off flame and take out and serve hot delicious Szechwan Rice.

Hope you’ll enjoy its flavor and will make a flavorsome use of left cooked rice.




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