Dal ke Samose (lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks)

Samosas (plu. Samosas or Samose) are too irresistible to gobble. You just can’t avoid eating Samosas having just one glance over them. I myself even find them unavoidable seeing them getting fried and served piping hot in some Mithai (Sweets)-Mart.

Glimpse of Samosas makes me nostalgic and memory cloud surrounds me with some adorably sweet memories; the days when my friends’ group used to throng over college canteen counter for piping hot scrummy Samosas with super hot potatoes’ stuffing, fiery enough that could expend hard on your tongue while showing over-temptation to gobble it up. 🙂  It seems so funny that fiery stuffing burning up hard then too you can’t wait a moment to munch. These are so delicious, I swear.

Here in this post, I am going to share the recipe of Dal ke samose i.e. Lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks.

Dal ke Samose (lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks)
Dal ke Samose (lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks)

These are not like regular Samosas having potatoes’ stuffing, which are commonly marketed; while these have scrumptiously flavored Lentils’ stuffing but equally delicious. You might say if you remove potatoes out of samosas, they will be heartless. It’s like you are removing heart out of body. But if potatoes are heart of samosas, then I can say, try for this lentils’ stuffing and you’ll say it’s soul for Samosa. Many of you might have tried mini samosas with lentils’ stuffing called as Allahabadi style samosa (Allahabad, city of U.P., India).

Talking about lentils stuffed Samosas, one little yet special memory reminds me in mind of a much enjoyed day. That was Christmas day of my childhood and I with my cousin friends went for an outing to various renowned places of my city. We roamed a lot and enjoyed that day to the fullest. While wandering through those spots, we put our food to the side in amazement of getting acquainted to those places and in busy schedule of games. After all this when we returned home with full exhaustion, and then everyone’s belly started alarming for food. And above this mom was not at home, our bad luck! While we were on joy-ride, my parents went for theirs 🙂  . Now the main point of story comes, I and my cousin friends sneaked into kitchen for some ready to eat snacks. Because that time no-one was in the state of making something or not even had the knack of cooking (that’s called sone pe suhaga 🙂 , a proverb of Hindi) and thanks to Mom, we found a jar filled with Dal ke samose. We gorged them all in few moments, ahh that was so slurpacious and satiating, countless thanks to these snacks and to mom.

I have learned making these samosas from my mom which I have been eating since my childhood. She is just proficient of flinging them over in seconds when it comes to shape them like cone.

Dal ke samose have outer covering of refined flour having flavorful lentils’ stuffing (mix of split green gram and Bengal gram) which after shaping in triangles, are deep fried. I know this snack is deep fried and its dough also has added clarified butter, but on tasting it you’ll get to know that adding each and every bit of oil is worth and valued in its flavor. All people on diet don’t avoid it, you can have at least one, and it’s worth a try and is very slurpacious. In this you’ll have protein-rich lentils’ stuffing in place of fatty carbs of potatoes. Following this recipe can help you making shop-marketed or restaurant-like samosas. And the best thing here is that I’ll be going step-wise  step by step clear explanation of recipe.

This post has been quite talkative; I was pretty in mood of talking. I hope I didn’t bore you all. Or if I did too, you won’t mind 🙂 . Okay move to our recipe-


Time taken- For Preparation- 12 hrs or minimum 4-6hrs

For Making and Cooking- 20 min

Servings/Yield- 20-24 samosas

Category- Appetizers/Snacks


For Covering Layer-

All Purpose flour– 3 cups

Desi ghee (clarified butter)/ vegetable oil- ½ cup

Salt- 1 tsp

For Lentils’ stuffing-

Split Green gram– ¾ cup

Split Bengal gram- ½ cup

Cumin seeds– 1tsp

Cumin Powder- 1tsp

Asafoetida- 1 pinch

Red chilly Powder– 1tsp

Garam Masala- ½ tsp

Dry Mango Powder- 1½ tsp

Chaat Masala- ½ tsp

Green chilly- 2 thin small finely chopped (optional)

Salt- to taste

Oil- ½ tbsp+ for deep frying

Steps to follow-

First of all let’s do all preparation-

  1. Soak green gram and Bengal gram separately overnight or for minimum 4 hrs. Then wash to peel off green gram and mix both.
  2. Next dry both lentils over flame to evaporate excess water.
  3. Grind them into a coarse powdered mixture.
  4. Heat ½ tbsp of oil a deep pan; add cumin seeds to pop.
  5. Add in ground lentils-mixture and other remaining ingredients. Stir fry this mixture for 1 minute until dry mixture gets done. Lentils’ stuffing is ready.
  6. Now we’ll prepare Dough for covering layer. Take flour separating 1 tsp from it to make sticking gooey mix. Add small amount of water in this one tsp of flour and sticking gooey mix is ready.
  7. Rub clarified butter all through the flour to form crumbling mixture. Add in salt and knead it to dough slowly adding water as required. (Note-Larger quantity of ghee is added to get soft flaky Samosa covering, that’s why dough doesn’t come out smooth, a crack-less dough. No need to worry, these cracks won’t hinder making. Samosas will be well in shape. Let’s see how)

Now we’ll start making and cooking Samosa-

  1. Take a small ball of dough and roll it out in a thin round.
  2. Cut it into half. Take one half and spread gooey mix on half of diameter of circle.
  3. Shape it into a cone form sticking the edges with spread gooey mix.
  4. Fill in the lentils’ stuffing and press above lightly to stuff well.
  5. Again spread gooey mix on half of the periphery of opening and stick the opening to form triangular shape. Shape it properly and see samosa is ready to fry. Likewise make all samosas and get them deep fried until Golden brown from all over.
  6. Serve piping hot Dal ke Samose with chutney or as flaky munchy snack with tea.

    Dal ke Samose (lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks)
    Dal ke Samose (lentils stuffed Triangular Snacks)


  1. Usage of gooey mix is necessary for sealing, sticking and shaping because without it samosas may deshape, unfold and leak out stuffing on frying. The reason is that dough is slippery and oily because of extra ghee/oil in dough (saying extra is not correct as this much Ghee is necessary to get required flaky crusty soft covering of samosas).
  2. In similar way you can make potatoes stuffed samose. For this, you’ll require mashed boiled potatoes (mixed with few other flavoring ingredients and spices) used as stuffing in place of lentils.

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  1. I love samosas! Thanks for sharing your recipe! 🙂

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