Birthday Card-DIY

Few days back Pooh was intimating me that she had to make a birthday card for her close friend, Divi whose birthday was going to befall on 20th Feb. She didn’t want to present a ready-made card. A self-made card expresses earnest endeavors that one puts in to strengthen the bond of love and affection in friendship. Birthday Card-DIY

Pooh was going panicking, “Di… Aap kab banaogi mere liye?” (Sis…When will you make for me?) as her birthday was only two days away. I comforted…. “Bana dungi jaldi (I’ll make it soon), don’t worry!”

I said “you, yourself are a good crafter, you can make yours”. But then realized she already had loads of assignments of college on her back. I should only start for it.Birthday Card-DIY

Immediately I made up mind to initiate the job of birthday card. My mind scrolled through various designs of cards. Finally I ended up deciding a design, whole prototype/blueprint of card. I presented that in her front, she verified it, and then I continued forward.

I collected what all items were required Hard papers (yellow and pink), buttons, Colored papers, Handmade paper, pencil, measuring scale, scissor, cutter, Acrylic colors, thermocol, sketch colors, pen, woolen string, Punching machine, sparkle colors and glue.Birthday Card-DIY

I cut papers, and themocols according to measurements and designs, glued them according to blue print.Birthday Card-DIY

Meanwhile, when I started to cut these papers, Pooh joined in with some thought. She wanted that card to be most of her efforts, as it was going to be hers only. I handed over all remaining efforts to be performed by her only. She completed it all sincerely and inked all her feelings in it within 2 days exact. This birthday card is maximum of her efforts with a slight of my support.

Birthday Card
Birthday Card

From this card, you can get a small hint for yours if you are going to make self-made card for some occasion like birthday. Combine your creativity with some inspiring idea and a marvelous creation can be originated.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Your ideas are great and I also give credit to the lovely photos you have, it looks nice. and I’m glad that you share it here.
    thanks. 🙂 Cheers!

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