Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls

Someday I was surfing through the links of various awesome bloggers, there at one blog I came across with Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls. They sounded interesting which had Rice Paper as covering with minced pork as stuffing. Conventionally, Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls have fresh herbs, shrimps, fish sauce, vegetables and few other ingredients as stuffing and are steamed. Minimal use of oil, steaming and vegetables and fruits used make Vietnamese Cuisine healthiest worldwide.

This is all about Vietnamese cuisine which inspired me to concoct these stuffed Rice Rolls.

Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls
Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls

I was wishing to make rolls having Rice covering with a stuffing having Indian tint. Hence, this one is my concocted Recipe which I‘ll be sharing here. I know this rice covering can’t be compared with Rice Papers which are factory-made, ready to make very thin texture. But steaming makes homemade rice covers even softer.

I had seen my mom making Faraa (lentils stuffed dumplings) having rice covering made with rice dough. In south Indian cuisine also, there are many recipes involve rice covering like in steamed rice pancakes. All this helped me to make Spinach-Corn-Cabbage stuffed rice rolls. Though it doesn’t have any Vietnamese touch at all but it is Vietnamese inspired Indian style rolls.

Spinach-Corn-Cabbage stuffed Rice Rolls are steamed and have Rice covering made with dough of most of rice flour and small of all-purpose flour. Its stuffing includes cheesy gooey spinach, corn and cabbage. It’s healthy with minimal use of oil yet tasty as well. One bite of roll fills the mouth with melting cheesy liquid along with soft crunchy stuffed vegetables and soft rice covering. Let’s get on to the recipe quickly (Please see notes before making)Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls


Time Taken- For Preparation- 15 min

                       For Cooking- 15 min

Servings/Yield- 8

Category- Snacks/Appetizer


For Covering-

Rice flour- 1 cup

All purpose flour- ½ cup

Salt- ½ tsp

Oil-1-2 tsp (optional)

For Stuffing-

Spinach- 7-8 clusters (only leaves)

Corn- ¼ cup (boiled)

Cabbage- ½ cup (shredded)

Processed cheese- 2 cubes (25g each) grated

Fresh Cream- ¼ cup

Garam Masala- ¼ tsp

Pepper- ¼ tsp

Salt-to taste

To garnish

Tomato Ketchup, Chilly sauce, cabbage, Cilantro

Steps to follow-

First we’ll start with Preparation

  1. Blanch spinach leaves; just stop blanching at the moment when leaves start wilting. Chop them roughly.
  2. Mix all other ingredients under “For Stuffing” including spinach in bowl. Stuffing is ready, keep it aside.
  3. Mix all the ingredients under “For Covering” and start adding water slowly to knead them to smooth dough. Keep it covered with wet muslin cloth.

Let’s start making and cooking of rolls-

  1. Take out small ball of dough and roll it out into a thin circle.
  2. Fill the stuffing at the center.
  3. Line the edges with sticking material (1tsp of All purpose flour + little bit of water about 2-3tsp). Fold and join two opposite sides at the center. Again fold other two remaining smaller opposite sides and stick (envelop like).
  4. Likewise make all other rolls. Meanwhile boil water in steamer, when steam is intense, put all rolls over rack of steamer. Steam for 10-15 min.
  5. Now either cut them half diagonally or horizontally.
  6. Serve hot garnished with sauces or chutney and enjoy.

    Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls

Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls
Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice Rolls

Spinach-Corn-Cabbage Stuffed Rice RollsNotes-

  1. While you are rolling out round/circle, you might see cracks at the edges; to even them, cut a round shape with the help of a large enough round cutter or any sharp-edged bowl. Making of rounds of rice flour presents this kind of trouble at times (due to tightness of rice flour dough).
  2. To ease out the process more, you can equalize the quantity of rice and all-purpose flour ( I wanted the most of rice flavor in its covering so adopted 1: 0.5 ratio of rice and all-purpose flour respectively. Mixing all-purpose flour in half of ratio eases the making of rounds correctly. Even if you wish, you can inverse the ratio that can also be a good substitute as per your wish.)
  3. First go for making stuffing and then knead dough when you are about to make and cook rolls otherwise keeping dough for long  or without wet muslin cover may tighten the dough and make rolling out of rounds difficult.




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