Mixed Fruits Custard

Usually people especially children don’t like to consume fruits in their original form, they prefer juices instead. But the nutrition and health benefits fruits can provide in their unprocessed form, they get destroyed while preparing juices and during processing. They supply high fibrous diet, roughage, many innumerable nutrients and vitamins when consumed unprocessed. But people usually don’t prefer eating them as whole; the reason might be they don’t like the pulpy mushy content of fruits and the really luring lip-smacking part of fruits appears only their juice. But the real essence of fruit nutrition lies in pulpy mushy content of fruits having roughage, fibrous content, antioxidants and many other nutrients of many fruits together rather than one whole fruit are good for digestive system, skin and full body as a whole.Mixed Fruits Custard

Here is one dessert recipe which would be everyone’s favorite and would surely help you all consuming fruits in their original form accompanying all health benefits along in a very tempting platter.

Most of you must be knowing it: Mixed fruits custard, a very easy, quick to make, mouth-watering, and most importantly very healthy. I had some fruits lurking to be consumed; I liked to prepare mixed fruits custard of vanilla flavor. You can prepare it with any other flavor also. And in this dessert you don’t have any restrictions of using the quantity and kind of ingredients except the ratio of milk and custard powder. You can use any combination of fruits in any complementary quantity to that of milk.

Mixed Fruits Custard
Mixed Fruits Custard

Let’s see how I went with making of custard with available fruits with me.


Time Taken- 15 min

Servings– 4

Category- Dessert


Custard Powder- 2 tbsp (Any flavor, I have taken Vanilla)

Milk- 500 ml + ¼ cup (from 500 ml only)

Sugar- 3tbsp

Pomegranate seeds- of 1 medium-sized

Apple- 1 (diced small)

Bananas- 2 medium-sized (diced)

Black Grapes- 1½ cup

Strawberries- 5-6 (diced) + few to garnish

Fresh Cream- to top each serving (optional but enhances flavor)

Steps to follow

  1. Take all diced fruits along with whole ones like grapes and pomegranate seeds in a bowl and mix. Put it aside for later.Mixed Fruits Custard
  2. Take milk in a heavy bottomed vessel to boil. When boil comes, reduce flame to medium, remove ¼ th cup from boiling milk and start stirring milk.
  3. Mix custard powder in ¼ th cup of milk uniformly without any lump.
  4. Remove vessel from flame, put in this custard milk into boiling milk
  5. Keep stirring milk mixture further for 2-3 minutes to avoid sticking and burning.
  6. Let it cool off to room temp, then mix in all mixed fruits.
  7. As per your wish either serve chilled or at room temp. I like it chilled. While serving, top it with dollop of fresh cream and garnish it with a strawberry at one side.

    Mixed Fruits Custard
    Mixed Fruits Custard

Enjoy its heavenly flavor!

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  1. Yes Cook says:

    Yummy fruit custard.
    Thanks for sharing.

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