A concern towards Nature: Save Sparrows (On World Sparrow Day, 20th March)

English: House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) co...
English: House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) copulating, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long ago, there were times when sparrows used to be the most sighted bird here in North India including UP and other similar regions but few past years are proved devastating in sense of the hasty decline in the population of sparrows, the common house birds and could be given the synonym to the word “bird”. Earlier flock of sparrows used to hang around my garden, terrace and balcony to spread their chirpy stuffs and enjoy lurking picks of grains. But now I hardly see any sparrow visiting there.

It has now become the major reason of concern for nature to preserve the biodiversity of nature and save sparrows from their extinction. Today, when I held my today’s newspaper I came across with the news acquainting the fact that even zoological scientists, scholars and State biodiversity Board and regional Science city have joined hands to spread awareness among denizens to support towards the cause. Their move is appreciable and then we should also support the move. I have supported their move by sharing it on my blog and contributing my bit by following the actions required to be performed in attracting and helping them to breed more. Awareness is being spread, about the reasons of their extinctions and ways to save sparrows. Each component of eco-system is responsible for maintaining ecological balance of nature, thus bio-diversity should be maintained in both flora and fauna. Otherwise it appears in some unexpected natural upheaval.

Several years back, disappearance of mynah came in to existence and similarly, moves were initiated to deal with the current concern but gradually it couldn’t maintain its pace with the need of the time and the only reason was lack of support. Followed by this there were other birds like crows, vultures and peacocks had been in the row of concern.

But here the most kindled concern of the hour is disappearance of sparrows that has required from us to celebrate World Sparrow Day as an awareness day to save them.

English: House Sparrows bathing
English: House Sparrows bathing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reasons of Sparrows’ Extinction-

  1. Urbanization- Removal of their habitat, plants and trees where they can rest, make their nest and breed. Modern designed houses don’t provide any shelter to nest.
  2. Excessive use of insecticides in agriculture kills insects, thus sparrows don’t get any insects to feed upon.
  3. Chicks die if they don’t get insects to eat in first two weeks of birth.
  4. Harmful radiations and signals emitted out from mobile towers.
  5. Change in ecosystem due to excessive use of exotic plants than native plants.

Active Measures required-

  1. Keeping a water pot in balcony or home boundary line and changing it everyday so that they don’t die of water scarcity in summers.
  2. Throwing out some broken rice or unused grains at some specified place of your home and let them pick grains uninterrupted.                       Do above both religiously.
  1. Avoid feeding them stale food leftovers.
  2. Hanging one cardboard box having one hole so that they can make a sheltered nest with that.
  3. Checking of harmful radiations emitting towers and lowering their harmful frequency.
  4. Sparrows might fly miles to visit your balcony pot or spread grains at that specified place when they feel need in thirst or hunger.

You can contribute to the much needed cause at vast level just doing a bit of support at your home with above measures except 5th one which requires attention at Govt. level and Govt. has taken one step ahead in this concern a while back in time.

English: House Sparrows bathing
English: House Sparrows bathing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Hope they find the solution. Sad to lose any species.

  2. Jerome says:

    I found a baby sparrow with both legs broken, what can I do. I have kept it in a cage and when the cage is kept outside the parents come to feed it. Does anyone know anybody in Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra who could provide info on this?

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