Food-Fun with Food-Art

This month I chose to make two food arts with fruits and vegetables following my much liked food art with eggs which I also liked very much. Eggs came out so well with food art, but this time just for a change I proceeded with fruits and vegetable like cauliflower for my Food Art.

I envisioned some images of art and transformed them into Food Art. First was an artificial aquarium having queue of fish in their ascending order of masses…. Fish are embodied from slices of orange and its peel, eyes with papaya seeds and bubbles with black grapes.Food-Fun with Food-Art

Second is with cauliflower florets and black grapes. It’s vista of a pen having sheep. In this florets are given shape of sheep’s bodies, heads with black grapes, eyes with some tit bits of cauliflower and shoots with eggplant stalk.Food-Fun with Food-Art

Both arts are simple and easy to make but possessing their own special charm in simplicity.

Fish are cute, small looking enlivened with bubbling grape-water and Sheep are looking alive loaded with heavy wool ordered to be inside the limits of pen only 🙂

would love to hear from you :)

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