Skin and Hair-Care this Holi



Let me start this post with an intimation that this is my “The century post”. Finally I reached upon updating my 100th post after a series of consistent endeavors that I have been putting in for my posts since 30th sept 2012, 5 months and 26 days of  togetherness here on blogosphere. In this post, first of all I want to thank my blog’s pioneer visitor-bloggers whose first likes, first follows I still remember; for which I waited for 1 long month, the month when I was putting efforts to create and update pages, the time when I was trying my best to get acquainted with technical know how, the behind scene of the blog. All that took one month, that appeared too long to me to get notified in blogosphere. I still feel elated when pioneer visitors return to visit again. Next, I want to thank my all visitors; likers, followers whose likes, visits and comments prove as a source of encouragement to do better and better in future. Thank you all!


Well I am happy I am completing my 100th post on auspicious occasion of Holi.

English: Radha celebrating Holi, c1788. (digit...
English: Radha celebrating Holi, c1788. (digitally enhanced version) Kangra, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And with this post I am introducing a new category of the blog i.e. Skin-Care and Beauty. I was thinking to introduce this category for very long time as it is well suited to the theme of my blog. Hence, this post is about skin care that is very necessary to take into consideration this Holi.


Tomorrow is the day of Holi or dhulendi when everyone will be engrossed in maddening joy of color play, gorging on vast menu of delicious Holi delicacies. But this colorful festival could be distressing and could prove fatal to skin if certain precautionary and post color play tips are not followed as advised. Because you never know the color, which you are getting colored in, is safe for your skin or is full of harmful and poisonous chemicals. Surveys are showing that at many places the colors are being marketed, are full of toxic elements like chromium, lead, nickel, silica etc that can cause blindness, asthma and even skin cancer also. You can’t be confident about the colors, other person is using but be cautious at your side and use herbal colors only.

colours for the Holi festival at a market in M...
colours for the Holi festival at a market in Mysore, India Español: Polvos coloreados en Mysore, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Here are some quick and truly useful advisory notes or precautionary measures that you can opt for your skin protection before and after playing colors. Many of them might be known to you, but in the excitement of colorplay, people don’t pay attention towards them and a slight carelessness results in some adverse reactions. So here is a quick reminder


Precautionary tips for color play


For Hair


1. Apply good amount of coconut oil or castor oil on hair. It would avoid sticking hard of colors to hair and would help in washing off stuck colors easily.


2. If you have long hair, tie them up in braid before stepping out for playing colors.


3. If you wish, you can also wear a short scarf over your head.


4. After Holi, wash your hair well with a good, mild and herbal shampoo followed by conditioner. You can also condition with egg or yogurt.




Rinse hair with warm water having few lemon drops and then apply a hair pack for one hour.( A hair pack containing henna, lemon juice and yogurt) And wash it off  finally.


For Face, Skin and body-


1. Apply any good oil like olive oil or mustard oil or coconut oil all over body.


2. Good sunscreen lotion or moisturizer on face before and after washing off colors. Apply sunscreen moisturizer on body after applying oil.


3. Massage toner over face, it will nourish and protect the skin of the face from damage due to colors.


4. Apply almond oil or vaseline behind ears, the most vulnerable area to retain colors.


5. Coat your lips with thick layers of lip gloss or lip color.


6. Applying mustard oil in nostrils protects the nose from colors.


7. Paint your nails with nail-enamels or transparent nail-paints. It prevents sticking of colors to nails.


8. Wear full length bottoms and full sleeves tops.


9. Use natural herbal colors from marigold, turmeric, henna, tomatoes etc and avoid wasting large qauntity of water in making wet pouring colors. Use dry colors like natural abeer and gulal.


10.If possible, wear glasses to protect eyes.


11. Don’t use soaps to clean face. Clean your face with cleansing milk using cotton. And for rest of the body’s skin, use moisturising soap.


12. Massage sesame oil after color play, it will help removing colors. Or remove colors with help of homemade pack containing gram flour and yogurt. Rub this pack over skin until color traces come out.


13. Don’t remain too much exposed to sunlight after playing colors, it will make removing colors even harder.


 Wish you all a very Happy and safe Holi!





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