Spring Rewinded II

Here is again the post of nature clicks comprising the best and most beautiful creation of nature and that are flowers!

It is the continuation of my last post only, Spring Rewinded that contained few clicks of my garden’s spring flowers, they were so enchanting and respite to eyes in such hot scorching sunny days.

This post is again containing few more clicks of different Spring flowers as a sign of spring nostalgia. These days, due to heating up weather and finish of  blooming season for spring flowers, my garden is getting devoid of flowers, now I am thinking to weed-whack,mulch and aerate my pots’ manure and soil to get them ready for some summer plants. For all this, I am going to follow same instructions for summer plantation I shared with you all in GUIDE TO FLOURISH YOUR GREEN DECOR.

This post has white Catharanthus roseus (Sadabahar) also, which blooms whole year in abundance, in my garden. Here soil is best suited for them and they grow on their own very fast with less care, through self pollination. Its leaves are very useful, used in anti-cancer drug preparation also.
During Spring Calendula, Gerbera and Marigold flowers ruled my garden but here we have also few flowers from plants that provide edible ingredients for our food like mustard plant’s flowers, onion plant flowers etc.

In this there is one flower which is too small and white in color.

Macui or Smallest berry Plant
Macui or Smallest berry Plant

It bears some cute berry like fruit, black or reddish-orange in color. This fruit tastes sour, I don’t know its typical botanical or commonly known name but I have heard its regional rustic name Macui or Macuia. You may call them super baby tomatoes or smallest eggplant in appearance 🙂

This onion floral head requires few weeks of time in its collection and harvesting, which then finally provide black nigella seeds ready for kitchen use.

Same applies in harvesting of mustard seeds.

These are some wild variety fruits. I don’t know its edible use yet but tasted them once, I found them sour. If you know its proper name and use, do notify me.
Hope you liked these clicks…..
Thanks for strolling through this alluring flora-foliage vista.

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