Fashionable Slippers

This time I am here with my fashion post again. Few weeks back when I was out to shop, I had thought in mind to grab a pair of slippers for this summer. Slippers are our daily companion for our feet that are involved in too many exhausting usual everyday works. So, I was thinking to buy slippers that would be trendy yet comfortable. As I have already intimated in my post, Get your Spring Look that floral pattern and bright colors were spotlight trend for spring and will continue to be highlights of summers also. Thus I had one image in my mind to get something that would have floral pattern and would be brightly colored. I was thinking to buy brightly colored Plush slippers or flippers, that look so cute and trendy but my witty sense (that sometimes works too 😉 ) intruded in middle and corrected my choice by diverting it to EVA slippers. Plush slippers from China appear so cute and comfortable but they are good when one has to stay only in rooms. Daily routine life involves many outside usual works like going nearby market or even morning-evening walk and works involving water. Then, at that rational perspective they don’t live up to required expectations. Hence it can be said a multi-faceted slipper I was looking for.
And my search ended at one shoe store that was just beside food bazar. And after bagging in some food articles, I got this pair of slip-on slippers.

Pink-White EVA Slip-ons
Pink-White EVA Slip-ons

These EVA slippers are having floral vine pattern along with bright white base. Mix-match of white and pink is so eye-catchy. They are comfortable, light and more importantly flat that even doesn’t hurt my soles as much as I walk or stand for long. Other hard rubbery flippers or flip-flops may cause such problems. And sometimes it happens that acquiring some trendy look short heels are also given to slippers that also prove uncomfortable in daily long hours use. these slippers are uniquely designed different from normal two Y strapped slippers. Rather they have single flat  front strap. Because of white in color, they would be pairing up well with any colored daily outfit. I decided to buy them just after exploring three to four designs only. They looked to me very different, stylish and comfortable at very first look. And the very same moment I decided to have them.

These are all pros that I encountered for these slippers. If you are going to buy one, you can refer to my choice. The only negative feature I am finding is that its base design will fade away soon, but it’s not a big thing to worry about because, it’s hidden under feet. The front design at the straps last for how long, It’s a matter of watch in near future.
These days I am having this floral nail art on my toes that is complementing the slippers pattern.

Complementary Floral nail art
Complementary Floral nail art
Other options if you are going to try, then considering above mentioned points in mind, you can go for flippers, or Plush slippers, or flip-flops (but for that make sure all required comforting and trendy features present there).
Hope you liked my this post about slipper trends….. I’ll be here with fashion again very soon, till then Be Trendy and Stylish.

would love to hear from you :)

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