Baingan Bhaja (Eggplant/Brinjal fry with a twist)

Baingan Bhaja is a popular Bengali Dish that I came across with, at the blog of my blogger friend Veena. That seemed so easy and tasty and thus I was wishing to make it someday. I have prepared various other dishes with eggplant like stuffed pickle flavored eggplants, eggplant curry, eggplant fritters, eggplant mash that’s called very known baingan bhurta and other similar dishes. But never opted for this dish named Baingan Bhaja (from Bengal), that only involves shallow frying of cut eggplants after small duration of simple marination. Eggplant being not my very favorite ingredient, I don’t experiment much with it. But this time my refrigerator became aggregated with lots of eggplants that were bought in slots but got amassed due to reluctance of not including in any of the dishes prepared meanwhile. No one was getting ready to eat its usual curry. Then an intense perception of their wastage made me to optimize it in some delicious forms.
This resulted in my usual quirk of  experimenting food. I utilized those loads of eggplants in various mentioned dishes along with few newly tried and experimented ones. All these will be shared soon in my later posts. If I come to the twist of  the dish then it is same as typical Bengali Baingan Bhaja with a slight difference and that is, addition of one more spice to it called Achari Masala that I had used in Achari Chakri. When I was about to make Baingan Bhaja, achari masala came into my sight that was lurking beside other spices. I included that too with other spices. Its inclusion was worth, as it was giving it a pickled tinge.Baingan Bhaja (Eggplant/Brinjal fry with a twist)
Baingan Bhaja is soft and tender including diverse spicy flavor; tangy, bitter, pickle-y. You can give it crispness if you wish, by dust coating of rice flour on eggplant circles after marinating with spices’ paste. It can be served as a side dish for breads like rotis or  as snacks with any sauce or yogurt. I liked it having as snacks with tomato ketchup that was balancing its spice. It was yummy as snack and most importantly very easy also.


Time Taken- For Preparation- 20 min
                      For Cooking- 10 min
Category-Snacks/side dish


Round Eggplants/brinjals/baingan/begun-2 (cut in circles)
Turmeric- 1 heaped tsp
Red chilly Powder-1 tsp
Coriander Powder- 2 tsp
Dry mango Powder-1/2 tsp
Salt-to taste
Oil- for shallow frying

Steps to follow-

1.Wash and cut eggplants in circles.
2. Sprinkle some salt over the cut eggplant pieces and leave for 10 minutes(this will remove bitterness of eggplant,if any)
3. Take all the spices at one place and mix all well.
4. Drizzle few drops of water to make a paste of spices.
5. Wipe the oozing out moisture over eggplants and rub this spice paste on them. Let them get marinated for 5-10 min.
6. Then after, shallow fry them until they start getting light brown and become tender.
7. Serve hot with any sauce of your choice.
Note- For some crispness, first rub a bit gooey spices’ paste on eggplants and then dust coat them with rice flour. Finally shallow fry them.
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I am also not fond of eggplants…I hate them. But yes due to limited option of vegetable these days I ahve to settle with baigan. And when I do so, baigan bhaaja is top on my list. Although my maid ruins it to an extent, I still keep coming back to this. Thanks for reminding 🙂

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Yeah these days eggplants are one of the most found vegetables in the market. Baingan Bhaja is nice and simple dish with eggplant. I go for it oftentimes.
      That time when eggplants got amassed due to my reluctance towards them. I was compelled to use those eggplants in some dishes. So I prepared few other dishes of eggplants that are still in queue to get uploaded here. I am trying hard to finish up their uploading soon. Then you’ll get some more options with eggplants to try for.
      Hope you enjoy them as soon as I upload. 🙂

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