Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]

Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]Another street food besides Aloo-Chaat or Pav Bhaji that is truly irresistible, is Papdi-Chaat. Though it is famous for its flavorful taste all over India and is a much liked snack of all but it majorly belongs to North India especially a popular street food of Delhi. Papdi-Chaat involves Papdi as its key ingredient which is a crispy wafer or snack made with refined flour/all purpose flour. This crispy snack, Papdi has only salty flavor associated with unique crispness of APF snack, but it turns out awesome when diverse flavorful toppings mingle with sweet-sour-tangy-bitter dressings.
Papdi-Chaat reminds me of one incident when I got the chance of tasting some irresistibly delicious Papdi-Chaat. It was the Fete of our college on the occasion of Republic Day. It was self-prepared by our batch-mates but was giving a tough competition to the vended ones at market. Our class was in different batches. Every batch was then divided in some groups for the Fete.Those groups were supposed to vend various self-prepared food items at their allotted stalls of Fete. And those food items had to be priced at some reasonable price, affordable enough to the pocket money of students. Our group put-up SambharVada-s for sale and our neighbor stall was of Papdi-Chaat. Both groups were eyeing each other with envy at every sold slot 🙂 . Two of  the groups had tough competition to vend to the maximum and gain more than the other one. Finally at the end of the day when, we ended up vending and enjoying various delicious food items of different stalls :). When profit was getting counted and compared, we kept our  fingers crossed. Each group was wishing to win in profit. But unfortunately our group could not make 😦 and Papdi chaat vending group swept it all just with slight margin. But no matters who won. Actually the major thing was enjoyment in vending, performing to maximum with enthusiasm, and most importantly the opportunity to taste various delicious food including awesome Papdi-Chaat at one vast place of Fete.
So this was the story uniquely associated with Papdi-Chaat. I hope I didn’t bore you all with this. Various foods do have this ability to create nostalgia when they are specially and exclusively related to a distinct moment.
Let’s come to the Papdi-Chaat, essence of  the post. Papdi-Chaat is easy to make and its assembly takes few minutes, just its preparation requires a lengthy time. But you can minimize its preparation time if you chose to buy ready made Papdi. But why buy? use things that are home-made, delicious and pure. Keep your dish purely and solely your efforts by getting engrossed in it wholly. Let’s check out its recipe here and jot it down for easy remembrance.


Time Taken- 
Total Time- 25 min
Papdi Chaat-
For Preparation- 6 hrs(soaking Chickpeas)+ 30 min
For Assembling- 5 min
Servings/yield- 15-20 Papdi making whole chaat for 8-10
Category- Appetizer/Snacks


For Papdi
All Purpose flour/Refined flour/Maida- 150g
Clarified Butter/Ghee/Oil- 1/4 cup
Semolina(Sooji)- 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Salt-to taste
Water- as required
Oil- For deep frying
For Papdi Chaat Toppings-
Potatoes- 6 medium boiled and peeled (of them 3 diced small, 3 cut in discs)
Chickpeas- 1 cup (soaked 6 hrs or overnight and boiled)
Sweet/Plain Yogurt- 2 cups (whisked) Sweet is recommended
Onion- 1 large (chopped)
Tomatoes- 2 medium (chopped)
Coriander leaves- 1 bunch
Sev/ Bhujia- 1/2 cup
Chaat Masala- 2 tsp (optional)
Rock Salt/ Common salt- to sprinkle slight (optional)
Green chutney– 2 tbsp (for one slot serving)
Sweet-Sour mango-dates Chutney- 4 tbsp (for 1 slot of serving)
Ingredients of Sweet -Sour Mango-dates Chutney
Raw dried Mango slices- 8-10
Jaggery- 1/3 cup
Dates- 4-6 (deseeded)
Coriander Powder- 1tsp
Cumin Powder- 3/4 tsp
Red chilly Powder- 1/2 tsp
Water- 1&1/2 cups
Salt- 1/2 tsp

Steps to follow-

First of all, we’ll proceed with making Papdi-
1. Mix all the ingredients of “For Papdi” to a a crumbling flour mixture.
2. Knead it to smooth dough adding water as required. Keep it covered with damp cloth.
3. Now you can proceed with two ways; either you divide dough in equal portions of small balls and roll out each ball in very thin small circles. And then make pricks in these Papdi circles with fork (go for this way if you are sure all papdis made will be of same size) or
Divide dough in several big balls, big enough to be rolled out of the size of pastry board. Roll out one big ball in circle of very thin thickness and then cut it in several small circles with the help of sharp edged glass or bowl of small circumference. Now make some deep pricks with fork. I followed the latter one.
4. Likewise make all papdi circles and deep fry them until light golden brown. Drain these crisp papdi on a kitchen paper towel.
Ta-daa your homemade Papdi-s are ready same like of market.Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]

Now do all the preparations of Chaat-
1. Boil chickpeas and Potatoes separately. Dice and cut potatoes in small cubes and discs respectively.
2. Prepare green chutney as explained HERE.
3. Prepare Sweet-Sour Mango-dates chutney. For this soak dried raw mango slices for 15 min.
4. Take 1&1/2 cups of water in a vessel and boil it after adding jaggery and deseeded dates.
5. When jaggery melts and dates get tender, turn off flame and let it warm.
6. Grind this dates-jaggery mixture with soaked mangoes and other remaining ingredients. Sweet-Sour chutney is ready.
7. Let’s start assembling Papdi Chaat. Spread a layer of 5-6 papdi-s followed by potato discs above each papdi.
8. Top whole serving with chickpeas and diced potatoes.Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]
9. Spread whisked yogurt followed by green chutney and sweet-sour mango-dates chutney.Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]
10. Scatter there in some chopped tomatoes and onions.Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]
11. Sprinkle Chaat Masala, little bit salt, coriander leaves and finally end up doing toppings with Sev.Papdi-Chaat [Recipe of Papdi (All Purpose flour Crispies) and Papdi-Chaat]
12. Serve and enjoy Delicious Papdi-Chaat.
1. The above mentioned and included toppings are best suitable for Papdi-Chaat. But if you want some extra add-on ingredients, you can add green-gram sprouts, sprinkle of cumin and red chilli powder,some pomegranate seeds, some urad dal vadi-s(for urad dal vadi-s, you can refer HERE to make some small vadi-s size of small chunks instead of donuts like vada-s).
2. You can adjust the quantity of toppings in one serving as per your taste and favorite ingredients. You can spread more of sweet yogurt along with more of sweet-sour chutney than green chutney(according to my taste). It would enhance the flavor.
3. You can make Sweet-sour chutney with tamarind also. Keeping rest same in the chutney, use tamarind in place of dried raw mangoes.
Hope you liked, try out and spread its delightful taste by sharing with others also because sharing is caring.

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  1. so colorful n refreshing look

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you roshni……. try it out, you’d also like its refreshingly lip-smacking flavor.

  2. I think papdi chaat is my favorite chaat! So delicious!

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thanks white girl 🙂

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