Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)


Steamed Mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)One day when I was making Dhokla ; a thought was crawling in my mind when snacks like Dhokla and Idlis  fluff up on steaming their respective batter; then we have some kind of similar batter for cakes too, can we also make a fluffed up cake using cake-batter in a steamer? A laudable inquisitive thought no? 🙂 But the moment I finished up making dhoklas I focused on eating them and that inquisitive thought gone dormant somewhere in the mind.
That thought was lying dormant but somewhere still alive in mind and it cropped up suddenly again when I was wishing to present something unusual to my Papa on his birthday. What else can be more important than a Birthday-cake present on any birthday. So what can be unusual about it?…. A steamed one! The thought of making a steamed cake got a sudden recall on Papa’s birthday and…

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