Beetroot Lassi

Beetroot LassiIt has been quite few days; I was not active on the blog. The reason was my PC which was restraining me from doing any kind of activity on it. All of sudden, it went off to summer holidays 😉 to get cool down and recover from the over-exhaustion that was caused to it during the past stint of my blogging expedition :). I think I hardly gave any day off to my PC to rest and result was the past few days’ un-intimated vacation of the system.

Though it has come recovered from that strain but still I am unsure about its intention that it would run fine, which is appearing in its flip-flopping Power :-/

When it went off without any prior intimation, it put me on fire of annoyance. Thus I cooled down that fire of annoyance with some chilled cool drinks. One such cool drink I am sharing here is Beetroot Lassi. If you are also annoyed of something or this summer heat is getting on your nerves, try out this refreshing cool yet healthy Beetroot Lassi to cool down your mind.Beetroot Lassi

Lassi is kind of shake, a popularity in Punjab where it is prepared only with yogurt rich with cream and buttery scum that tastes highly lip-smacking.Beetroot Lassi

Let’s quickly get on to the short and simple recipe before my delicate darling-PC get exhausted 🙂


Time Taken- 5 min


Category- Beverages



Chilled Low Fat Yogurt- 2 cups (If you take full cream yogurt, lassi would be more buttery-scummy and nice) (a bit sour would also do)

Sugar/Honey- 4 tbsp

Beetroot- 1 small or half of medium (chopped roughly) +few pieces to garnish

Vanilla Essence-1/2 tsp

Cold Water- ½ cup

Mint leaves- to garnish


Steps to follow-

1. Take all the ingredients in a blender and blend well into a frothy lump-less uniform mixture.

2. Pour in two glasses from some distance at slow speed so that froth can be formed.

3. Serve chilled garnished with mint leaves and with some ice cubes (frothy scummy lassi was appearing beautiful so I didn’t intruded froth with ice-cubes, and added afterwards)Beetroot LassiBeetroot Lassi


Enjoy Pinky Cool Lassi and be Pink.


would love to hear from you :)

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