Cool Blue Waves on Nails……. Ahh.. A Respite in Scorching Weather!


Temperature is soaring day by day and everything cool and refreshing is getting more and more lovable. Behind citing the very known ubiquitous fact must have been identified by you all. Yeah…. I am going to acquaint with you about my “Summer Special Nail Art”, depicting Cool Blue Waves. And blue is my favorite color too that’s why it was fun to art my nails blue. Blue color owns an eternal vastness, refreshing coolness and calmness. In summers blue seems an adorable color, if not to everyone but definitely for me, be it in apparels or in drinks or other surrounding so many things.Femmehavenn: Cool Blue Waves on Nails……. Ahh.. A Respite in Scorching Weather!

I had to paint my nails and in the sultry weather, cool is the only word that strikes to the mind that makes me feel a sense of respite. “Cool” has an unbreakable connection with “Blue” hence I thought to create a pattern showing coolness. Suddenly a wavy pattern struck my mind which I had seen long back while surfing You Tube links. How cleanly, gently and effortlessly they were doing wavy pattern with different colors. It was a colorful pattern but I wanted to create double shaded blue waves. I chose aqua blue and dark sea blue colors for the wavy pattern. This time I used my painting brush with fine bristles in place of nail-art brush. If you don’t have nail art brush available, you can also use painting brush with fine bristles to do that.Femmehavenn: Cool Blue Waves on Nails……. Ahh.. A Respite in Scorching Weather!


You just need-

A painting brush/ nail art brush

Aqua blue and dark sea blue nail paints

Clear Nail Paint/ Shiner

Nail Paint remover


Nail Cutter


Have a look how I did that-

  1. Take nail Paint remover and remove nail paint if done earlier or otherwise too as it will help removing dirt.
  2. Wash hands and dry with towel.
  3. Shape the nails properly by cutting if required and file accordingly.
  4. Apply a base coat with clear nail paint or shiner and let it dry.
  5. Start with dark sea blue; dip your brush in the paint, get enough paint on brush to make one continuous wave.
  6. Start making a wave beginning from extreme left base end, move ascending upwards to center and then downwards to extreme right base. Do the same for Middle wave at some distance leaving some part for aqua blue and same for top wave. If your nail bed is allowing four, make four. (These waves must not be of equal thickness, a bit thick or a bit thin at some parts would serve the purpose better and will give a better wave look).
  7. Likewise make all waves on all nails first only with dark sea blue first. Let them dry.
  8. Now it’s time to fill aqua blue, its bit typical and require calmness. Gently fill aqua blue without mixing with dark blue. Like done for dark blue, dip brush in the paint with enough paint and start filling with continuous trail in one stroke, no breaking.
  9. When all pattern gets dry, finish up with top coat of clear nail paint or shiner.Femmehavenn: Cool Blue Waves on Nails……. Ahh.. A Respite in Scorching Weather!

Here is your cool blue waves are ready…. Ahh a cool respite for nails and respite for eyes too.

See seeing my cool blue wavy nails, aura also turned into cool blue sea 😉

Go rejuvenate your nails also with this cool nail art or some other cool pattern; and fill your aura also with coolness in sultry weather.Femmehavenn: Cool Blue Waves on Nails……. Ahh.. A Respite in Scorching Weather!



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