Mixed Fruits and Muesli Parfait with Frozen Yogurt


Here I am with another cool-cool delight of the season. It is “Mixed fruits and Muesli Parfait with Frozen Yogurt (FroYo)”. In my last post of cold delight I acquainted with you all about a trendy cool delight of the season, Papaya FroYo. That FroYo is definitely going to help us out here in Parfait preparation also. This time the FroYo used in Parfait will be simple without any fruity flavor but its preparation is a bit more elaborated than last one. Thus the resulted FroYo with the below explained method, will be more light, creamy and soft. Thought it will take a little bit extra time but that elaborated time would seem worth in its slurpacious bite.

If you want to shorten that elaboration then you can follow the method elucidated HERE(Skipping Papaya).

Parfaits are served with granola and here granola is Muesli. To make it more refreshing some fresh chilled fruits are also layered in the serving.

So it’s all about my parfait & here is Mixed Fruits and Muesli Parfait with Frozen Yogurt following by its recipe-Femmehavenn: Mixed Fruits and Muesli Parfait with Frozen Yogurt

Sorry the weather is going too hot here so while I was busy arranging its layers and things around to snap, FroYo started melting too fast and drenched all its fellow layers.That’s why layers became little bit indistinguishable. But I know you all don’t have to snap before slurping it, so your freshly prepared Parfait will have all layers distinguishable.

Let’s check out its recipe-


Time Taken- 8-10 hrs


Category- Dessert



Hung-curd/Hung-yogurt-1 cup (or 2 cups Plain/non-sour yogurt)

Muesli-1/2 cup (crushed)

Papaya- ¼ cup (diced small) frozen/chilled

Mango- ¼ cup (diced small) frozen/chilled

Grapes- 1 handful frozen/chilled

Sugar-1/2 cup

Honey- 1 tbsp


Steps to follow-

For Making Hung-curd/Hung-Yogurt

  1. Take 2 cups of plain yogurt on to a muslin cloth.
  2. Join up all 4 corners of the cloth and tie them up
  3. Suspend this potli/Pouch with its tying end in refrigerator only and keep an underlying bowl to catch its falling liquid.
  4. Untie it after 5 hrs and resulted yogurt will be hung-curd.

For making Parfait with Frozen Yogurt

  1. Take hung curd and sugar in blender and blend until sugar gets dissolved and a uniform lump less yogurt mixture is obtained.
  2. Spread this mixture in a freezing tray and freeze first for 2 hours.
  3. Take out from freezer and blend again till it becomes soft light and smooth.
  4. Take out in freezing tray and freeze again covered with aluminium foil for 5 hrs or more.
  5. Then after when Frozen Yogurt is ready; take a serving glass, put in ½ of Frozen Yogurt, tap the glass gently to settle FroYo at base. Then put in crushed muesli followed by layers of mango, grapes and papaya . Lastly top it with rest of FroYo.
  6. Serve Chilled garnished with honey.Femmehavenn: Mixed Fruits and Muesli Parfait with Frozen Yogurt



1. If you want your FroYo any fruity flavored. You can learn how to prepare fruit flavored FroYo HERE.



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