Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor/Microwave-Oven)


All the followers and regular readers who have been connected with the blog might know the fact that how much I love naans. I have already expressed my love for naans in the post of Puffy Pan Naan and various other posts of curries which have been suggested to be eaten with Naans. And this is not because that I like naans very much but Naan is one of the most popular breads that pair up so very well with many of the preferred and much liked South Asian Curries.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)

Naan is a word that has got Persian origin and a generic name for bread. And as I am writing this post to make y’all acquainted with Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan and its recipe, you all already know enough about Naan, Tandoor, Naan’s conventional preparation in Tandoor, a skeptical difference with Tandoori roti. That was all that have already been clarified in my earlier posts of Tandoori Roti and Puffy Pan Naan. Thus there is no need to explain “Naan” very much. This time I thought to try a variant of Naan perfectly complementing the summer season by incorporating the freshness of mint in it. Along with this it has got zest of garlic that is accompanying mint in an awesome blend. The naan prepared is a butter naan that has got layers stuck with each other through the butter spread. Unlike Plain Naan, Butter naans are shaped like our regular triangular flat breads are shaped.

If you’ll go through the recipe, you’ll find it’s a three…err actually four in one Naan; Mint Naan, Garlic Naan, Butter Naan and Plain Naan. Skipping one ingredient in the recipe, will give you another kind of Naan. Like if you skip Mint, you’ll get Garlic-Butter Naan, if you skip garlic, you’ll get Mint-Butter Naan, if both garlic and mint, then Butter Naan, and finally if you skip all three and shape it just like round circle, you’ll have Plain Naan. Hence you can make 4 naans with one single recipe.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)

The following recipe doesn’t require any microwave–oven/ tandoor, you can prepare Nan in your regularly used flat Pan/ Tawa having lid. So, have a look at the recipe that how a Naan/Nan can be made on Tawa over your usual cook-top. Mint-Garlic Butter Naan prepared with this method will be no less than prepared with Tandoor. It will be puffy and soft, similar in texture and flavor but not exactly same in that earthy flavor of tandoor. However it’s a best and easy method to get Tandoor like Naans on our cooktops with daily used kitchenware like Tawa.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)

Therefore, let’s check out the recipe of a successor of Naan, Mint-Garlic Butter Naan. For an ease of recollecting the recipe, step by step pictorial presentation has been given in the recipe below-


Adapted from Recipe for Puffy Pan Naan (All Purpose flour flat bread) (ingredients and their quantity adjusted as I was required for this recipe)

Time Taken- For Preparation- 30 min

                       For Cooking- 2-3 min for 1 Naan

Servings/Yield- 12 naans

Category- Main-Course (Breads)



All Purpose flour- 3¼ cups

Salt-1 tsp

Garlic- 8 in paste+ 5 minced

Mint- 1 handful (roughly chopped)

Butter- 75 g

Dry Active yeast- ¾ tbsp

Lukewarm Water- 1½ cup



Steps to follow

  1. Dissolve dry yeast in lukewarm water.
  2. Take all the ingredients except butter i.e. All Purpose flour, garlic paste, minced garlic, mint and salt in a large bowl. Mix all well and slowly add yeast dissolved water as required to knead all in smooth dough. Keep this dough aside covered with muslin cloth for 30 min to get fermented.
  3. Then after, take out one ball from the dough, sized slightly bigger than normally used for making rotis.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor&Microwave-Oven)
  4. Round this ball smooth and flatten. Roll out a bit to form small circle (around 2-3”diameter). Spread melted butter on whole upper side.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor&Microwave-Oven)
  5. Fold it half in the shape of half-moon. Spread butter again on whole upper-side of half-moon.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)
  6. Finally fold this half moon in another half to form a triangle/cone.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)
  7. Roll out this triangular Pattie in to a bigger triangular naan (Use APF for dusting if required.) of 3-4 mm thickness.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)
  8. Heat a skillet/Tawa/Pan. Place Naan and cook until it starts puffing up or its base side starts getting light brown.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)
  9. When base side acquires brown spotted texture, flip over and cook other side covering the pan with a lid. Cook lid closed for 30 sec on medium flame.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)
  10. Open the lid and cook for few minutes more turning Naan, if you want that charred dark brown spotted kind of textured Naan (optional step)
  11. Take out, spread some butter over it and serve hot with curry of your choice.Mint-Garlic Butter Naan/Nan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor & Microwave-Oven)


1. Everytime you prepare dough for Naan, always use fresh newly opened pack of active dry yeast for better results.


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