Scorched Flora Snaps: dried Plants, flowers, foliage in hot Weather

Hello guys! How are y’all doing? If I guess y’all must be feeling too annoyed with the prevailing weather conditions, almost cursing summer “Why does it come every time to spoil all that alluring & captivating aura and feel of spring?” But this one is uncontrollable situation, in no one’s hand. These days are going soooo veryyy Hot, soaring temp crossing 45 degree mark during peak time of the day; long hours of power cuts; sweating, tanning, heat strokes etc etc so many snags this summer is presenting in our fore.

Think of stepping out in middle of the day for some period of time; it feels like entering into a blast furnace! Really the feel is such only. But give a thought ‘what would happen if we are sentenced to stand straight direct under sunlight just after having a liter of water for whole day. Only a day would result in dehydration of the body, heat strokes would make us ill.

But have you ever thought that some living lots which are sentenced this punishment for their lifetime. Still they are surviving against scorching heat of the sun despite being under the sun whole daylight hours & bearing heat all time in summers.Gerbera flower drying/dying

Yeah these are our flora; plants, trees, flowers, vegetation, foliage etc. Becoming empathetic to flora of our environment drove me to think of the above said comparison.Remnant floral head of fallen gerbera flower

These flora and foliage remain in heat all the time yet they flourish well with required care given. However, excluding some lucky perennials with strong defense mechanism against unfavorable conditions, other sensitive seasonal plants of summer require excessive care otherwise this merciless hot weather would result in their complete annihilation. Fallen Summer  flower, remnant dried headAnd why wouldn’t they require more care? Like each living being requires proper nutrition and care to survive similarly being living they too. They are required to bear the intense heat and adverse conditions all the time in peak period of weather.Dry petals falling, Calendula flower Bearing all this they have to produce flowers and moisture filled fruits.

Slight carelessness towards them in their nourishment in the forms of irrigation, manures application, aeration etc results in similar kind of scenario visible in these photos of burnt leaves, charred foliage, drooping flowers, dried remnants of flowers, wilting plants and stems.Dried Calendula group

Though these snaps/shots are of spring flowers and plants in their last stages of aging; wilting, drooping, drying and getting burnt and destroyed due to going off-season. It made me felt so gloomy to see that entire flora bloomed after giving so much care is saying Ciao at the onset of summer. But all that was inevitable and they had to bid adieu at last 😦 Calendula flowers drying

Scorched Flora Snaps: dried Plants, flowers, foliage in hot WeatherBut similar kind of scenario is observable with seasonal summer plants also, not getting proper care and these last stages of aging start appearing at early phase of their lifetime that could last for whole season but unfortunately…!Drooping stems and flowers of Dahlia

Hence you can envision the effect of sun, its heat and hot weather on plants, flowers and foliage; same drying, drooping, wilting, and blazing/burning of summer plants also.Gerbera flower fallen, remnant floral headBurnt/Charred foliage, leaves and stem

Touch wood in my garden, summer plants are blooming well with enough care to sustain the adverse conditions. But other floras and foliage out there sans any care, proper irrigation, aeration etc; always under intense heating sun-rays, reach to the last stages very soon and finally get destructed into ashesCalendula turning into ashes after falling

The reason behind faster aging is the constant UV rays, heat waves, dust storms etc enhance the process of necrosis (i.e. process of cell death). Excessive necrosis results in premature aging, wilting, drooping, drying and finally detachment & total destruction of plant. Above this, improper care and nourishment result in weaker inbuilt mechanism and cellular activities finally result in necrosis, chlorosis, drying of plants and flowers. These pictures/images of drying and drooping flowers and plants are clearly showing the heat struck state plants.

In the peak hot weather, some points should be taken in account while gardening that can help and I am finding useful for mine. You wanna know how I am giving proper care to my garden’s plants which are flourishing so well in different alluring colors and presenting a mesmerizing vista to eyes. Then jot down the points required to give heed while gardening to get beautiful green garden in scorching summer’s hot weather.

  1. Irrigation or watering is most important. It should neither be in excess or in shortage.
  2. The best time to water is morning and evening when sufficient water can be absorbed by the plants. If possible do watering both times or at least once is strongly recommended.
  3. Do aeration at adequate intervals if required. So that proper moisture and air seep down to nourish.
  4. Don’t trim plants in summers.

Following these few points I have beautiful flowering plants in my garden. A sneak peak of my flowering garden will be shared soon. For other seasonal and ornamental plants that can do well in summers and how, then you can refer HERE.

Y’all also do become empathetic to flora, plants and nature, care for them and turn your aura Green and beautiful!
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