Food Art with Bananas

Hello everyone! Here I am back with my interesting Food’s category- Food Art

This time for Food Art of the month, I have chosen bananas as star ingredient. I have crafted three Food-Arts with bananas named

(1) Yellow Dolphins

(2)  Banana Dachshund

(3)  Banana Cell phone

In my very first food art of Banana i.e. Yellow Dolphins, two upper halves of bananas are embodied as dolphins, headed up with red sea weed in mouth, springing out of blue sea joyfully. Finding the very unique and luscious sea food after their long food-search, dolphins are elated and are celebrating their joy by gorging on it wildly :). Along with their unique sea-food which is Pomegranate seeds 🙂 , their sea is also unique that has got mixed two colored, yellow-green waves and ripples 😉Yellow Dolphins/Banana Dolphins Food Art

While crafting this food art, my mind started thinking child like and thought of the short story behind the scene :). Thus this child like thought resulted in this Yellow Dolphins/Banana Dolphins Food Art.Yellow Dolphins/Banana Dolphins

I have participated in“The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series”. So I am sending the above “Yellow Dolphins” Food Art to its “Color Me Yellow” of May hosting by The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen

Next is Banana Dachshund/Banana Dog Food Art, the short stature dog’s breed with long body. Its body is made with one banana whose upper bent part is signifying the tail. Its head is made with other banana’s short triangular-shaped piece resting on body. Body is resting on four equal short banana pieces. Face’s parts are demarcated with marker. To give a bending shape to neck, slight Photoshop editing has been done. Banana Dachshund/Banana Dog Food-Art

The Dachshund is looking a sophisticated cool dog with bow but out of its habit, it has come out playing in mud that’s why it is a bit dirty. Otherwise there is no story behind the scene; the dog is too short and lonely to help cooking up any story 😉 Though you might think from which angle is it a Dachshund then I can say, a rough image of Dachshund you can figure out through its silhouette or for my sake take it as Dachshund or call it what you want to 🙂

Last one is Banana-Cell Phone/Banana Cell Phone Food Art. Banana has some similarities of its bent shape with older generations’ receiver of phone or cordless phone. That’s why I thought to design buttons and screen on it and inserted a mint twig on side as its antenna. The Banana mobile phone/cell phone’s receiving end is having sufficient length to reach up to your mouth and receive each sound properly, no chance of lapse any communication sound :). Banana Cell PhoneSee Pooh is using it also, it really works 😉 Don’t believe take this and try dialing.

That was all about my all three Food Arts with bananas. I know these are fewer than what vast food arts could be possible with bananas. Give me your ideas, your thoughts of food Arts possible with bananas.

If you found the post and its creativity remarkable then do share. I would really cherish your responses in forms of sharing be it on Pinterest or Stumbleupon, Google+, Facebook or Twitter. All that would take only a single click on any of the respective buttons present below the post. It paves the path of enthusiasm to do better and better.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love all those details in the dolphin pic Shobhana 🙂 Incredible! Great work with the Dachshund and the cell phone too 🙂

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you so much Priya for appreciating the work…. I am eagerly waiting for the round up to be published 🙂

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