These last three four days are getting hotter than earlier drizzling cool days. And in these hot days, Melon Lemonade was a good an option to go with. Last day when I’ve had it after finishing up with my kitchen’s weird ventures, its first sip only made me feel so heavenly I proved so revitalizing, vanished away all tiring heat on due to work or due hot weather.Melon-Lemonade

Melon Lemonade is a naturally cool Drink containing the goodness of melon and lemon intact; lots of refreshing contents of melons and benefits of lemons.

I have chosen honeydew melon that is having more water content than mush and is best for it, you can chose other variety of melons also.Melon-Lemonade

I served it in these short glasses that were looking so cute and compelling me to call them Melon lemonade shots 🙂Melon-Lemonade

A simple, easy and quick recipe for a sinfully slurpacious drink goes here-


Time Taken-10min

Servings-4 small

Category- Beverages


Melons (kharbooja)- 2 small (Peeled, cut lengthwise)

Lime juice- of 4 small Lemons (the size shown in the above pic)

Sugar-4 tbsp

Lime flavored Soda Water- ½ cup

Ice-cubes- few

To Garnish

Lemon wedges

Mint leaves

Steps to follow

  1. First take all the ingredients except soda water in a blender and puree it smooth and lump less.
  2. Now add soda water and give another small whirl in blender.
  3. Pour in glasses and serve chilled with some ice-cubes, garnished with lemon wedges and mint leaves.Melon-LemonadeMelon-Lemonade


You can adjust the sugar quantity by adding sugar according to your taste and according to sweetness of your melons, first add smaller portion of sugar, taste and then add more if required.

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  1. Excellent excellent excellent!
    I have never heard of it before but am sure going to try it….that is one creative drink and easy to make… 🙂

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