Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha

Pudina Paratha or Mint flatbread that I am going to share here is a slight different in its preparation as it has used dried mint leaves instead of fresh ones and this Pudina Paratha has been shaped differently like lachha Paratha. Hence it is two in one Paratha- Pudina paratha and Lachha Paratha. If you skip mint leaves here in the preparation method, the resulted Paratha will be a Lachcha Paratha. I have chosen dried mint leaves; you can also use fresh ones also but in that case, mix them in dough. Dried mint leaves are also beneficial same as fresh ones; even on drying, their fibrous nature enhances on drying and proves good for digestion. Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha

This time I thought to prepare Mint flatbread like Lachha Paratha that I have practiced to get perfection in after my earlier post of Lachha Paratha. I had already shared the recipe of Lachha Paratha during initial days of my blogging but that lacked the rightness of “The Lachha Paratha”.  However now this time I have got all knacks of getting perfect lachha Paratha with practice which I would love to share with y’all.

This is another recipe that will require expertise and may take few times to get proficient in; may not be for some geniuses of cooking ;). Making Pudina Lachha Paratha requires some extra time than required in making and cooking a regular flatbread as it is rolled very light-handedly to stretch into thin round and cooked on medium flame for a bit more duration so that it gets cooked well inside as it is multi-layered. So if you are making up your mind to cook Pudina Lachha Paratha, ensure you have nice stretch of time in hand to get right, distinguished multi layered ringed flatbreads.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha

Let’s have a look at the recipe with step by step pictures now-


Time Taken- For Preparation- 8 min

                      For Cooking- 8-10 min for 1

Servings/Yield- 8-10

Category- Main-Course (Breads)


Whole wheat flour- 3 ½ cups

Oil/Ghee- 1 tbsp+ for cooking

Salt- 1 tsp

Carrom Seeds- ½ tsp

Mint Powder/Pudina Powder/Dried Pudina leaves- 1/2 cup

To Garnish

Onion rings

Mint Sprig

Steps to follow-

  1. Mix carom seeds, salt and oil/melted ghee in wheat flour. Crumble it with hands to mix all ingredients in flour well.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  2. Add small amount of water and start kneading. Add more water as required and get your dough kneaded smooth. Keep covered.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  3. Take one ball of dough larger than what needed for regular flatbread.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  4. Roll out thin, as large enough as possible. Spread ghee/oil all over the upper surface of rolled bread, sprinkle some flour and Dried mint leaves.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  5. Start making small pleats (ensure you don’t stick these pleats tightly together, just make pleats gently and place them together lightly) of 1-1.5 cm at one end and make all pleats with whole round (keep these pleats small).
  6. Turn this long pleated structure to form another round or swirl or coil.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  7. Place the suspending end at the base and press light-handedly.
  8. Start rolling (ensure every time you stretch with rolling pin, the hands should be moved very lightly on the dough round, otherwise rings will disappear) to a possibly thin round without disrupting ring (While rolling, don’t flip, keep upper side always up and base side always down).Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha
  9. Heat a flat pan and grease it a little bit. Lower the flame to medium, place paratha keeping the base side as always down only, check in between whether the base turning brown.
  10. When the base starts acquiring light brown spotted texture, flip over,grease the upper-side and cook it pressing with ladle gently. Cook on medium flame only so that it gets cooked thoroughly well. Brown other side also,flip and grease. (As it is layered and multi ringed, it will take some extra time to get cooked well).
  11. Take out on a kitchen /absorbent paper; when it gets temp bearable to hands, hold it over both palms (base side down) and crumble up swiftly to highlight the rings.
  12. Serve garnished with few onion rings and mint sprig. Relish with any curry of your choice, pickle or chutney.Pudina-Paratha/Lachha-Paratha/Mint Lachha Paratha


1. You can either use ready made Pudina Powder or dried pudina/mint leaves. I have tried preserving and making dried mint leaves at home first time that’s why they became over dried. Next time when I get right dried Pudina Powder/leaves, I would surely update the post on how to dry and preserve pudina/mint leaves with care.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Preveena says:

    Loving the photographs of you parathas, they look delicious. The step by step instructions are quite handy too.

  2. Preveena says:

    Shobhnaa!!! i made the plain version of these parathas yesterday and it came out beautiful. Thank you for inspiring.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Wow, femme! You made my day! I treasure the comment. It’s really pleasurable to know that you gave a try to my recipe. My efforts in putting up recipe here seem worth if someone finds it useful and I get comment like this. Thank you so much Preveena!

  3. chowringhee says:

    I am fan of your recipe and I like it very much and it’s too easy to make it .

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