Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)

Eating Bhel in the lovely awesome monsoon weather! What a delightful moment to live in. I was also relishing the tangy-sweet-spicy flavor of crunchy-munchy bhel puri in awesome mausam (weather). Experience was very pleasing. Make your rains also special with the pleasing platter of Bhel Puri.  Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)

Bhel Puri is thought to be originated in Gujarati Cafes or in street food stalls of Mumbai. Thought to be a Gujarati snack or street food, it has got perfect balance of sweet, tart and savory flavors. Various adaptations are given to the snack in various places and is also named variously at various regions. Like in Mumbai/Bombay it is called “Bhel”, in Kolkata, it is called Jhal-Muri, in Odisha it is Jhal- Mudhi and in Bangalore it has got name “Churmuri”. Names and variant forms may differ but the indulgence to your taste buds would be invariably scrumptious in its each bite everywhere.

Bhel-puri is a savoury chaat variant involves puffed rice or Lai/muri as main ingredient which is flavored variously with chutneys, spices and few other ingredients like boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green chillies, sev etc. You may find bhel Puri being sold on streets as street food in paper cones or disposable leaf bowls. Eating bhel in paper cones has its different unique pleasure 🙂 Bhel-puri’s taste enhances there in paper cone 😉 There is no logic behind it, but it appears to me like this. Isn’t it so? Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)

Okays now there is no more wait for the most significant part of the post i.e. recipe (step by step pictures), so that you can make and enjoy Bhel Puri at home without bothering yourselves to the vending street and without getting wet in rains to have it.


Time Taken- For Preparation- 15-20 min

                       For Making- 5 min


Puffed Rice (Muri/Lai)-2 ½ cups

Tomato- 2 small (chopped small)

Onion- 1 medium (chopped finely)

Green Chillies-2 (finely chopped)

Potatoes- 1 medium (boiled, peeled, diced small)

Savoury Green Chutney– 1¾ tbsp

Sweet-Sour Chutney (Tamarind-dates) – 2 tbsp (this time I replaced dried raw mango slices with equal tamarind)

Chaat Masala- 1½ tsp

Red chilli Powder- 1tsp

Roasted Cumin powder- 1tsp

Dry Mango Powder- ½ tsp

Lemon juice- of 1 lemon

Coriander Leaves- 2 tbsp chopped (including garnish)

Mint leaves- 2 tsp; optional (chopped)

Sev (Gram flour snacks/ vermicelli) – ½ cup

Toasted Peanuts- 1 tbsp

Salt-to taste

Steps to follow-

  1. Dry roast puffed rice just they become slightly crunchy (no need to brown).Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)
  2. Take it out in a large bowl and mix all chopped ingredients like tomatoes, onion, boiled potatoes and green chillies.Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)
  3. Now mix wet ingredients like savoury green chutney and sweet-sour tamarind dates chutney.Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)
  4. Now add in spices: red chilli powder, chaat masala powder, roasted cumin powder, dry mango powder along with a sprinkle of salt followed by toasted peanuts. Squeeze in one lemon. Give them all a gentle stir to mix all ingredients uniformly.Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)
  5. Finally throw in sev, mint leaves and coriander leaves.Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)
  6. Serve out whole in a serving dish or in different small servings of paper cone. Garnish with some more sev and coriander leaves.You can also serve it with Papdi, where these papdis can serve the purpose of spoon. Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)


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  1. love d bhelpuri sold on the streets of Mumbai:)

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you Namrata 🙂

  2. Hi Shobhnaa ~ I have been having a few troubles with my comments but all sorted out now. Not sure if you realised but I reblogged this divine post on my blog on the weekend 🙂 Loving your blog so much ~ Lakshmi x

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Yeah I had seen that you reblogged the post, I was about to comment on your blog to thank you…. but somehow it just slipped out of mind….Sorry!
      Thank you so much Lakshmi, I am honoured that because of your reblogging it was so much loved and liked. Thanks a lot!
      It’s my pleasure Lakshmi that I have one such wonderful blogger like you, is one of my readers.

      1. It is my pleasure. Bhel puri is one of my favs and I love your blog too 🙂

      2. shobhnaa says:

        Thank you Lakshmi.

  3. Hi Shobhnaa ~ I am going to buy all the ingredients for this divine bhel puri and make it today 🙂 very excited ~ Lakshmi x

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Wow….great to know about it 🙂 . I hope you enjoy making it and relish eating it too. Have fun!

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