Summer Flowers and Plants: Home-Garden Glimpses


In scorching summer’s hot temperature, a home garden full of greenery and colorful flowers, seems a delightful soothing vista to eyes and soul. Really very soothing!

As promised in the last post of Nature, here I am with my post showing my garden glimpses of summer stint. Though it is a bit late for this post, appearing on my blog as summer is bidding adieu here in North India however these summer blooms are still blossoming & cheering my Garden and will continue with it until rainy-season ends.

So, here go some of the glimpses of my small cute Home-Garden.

The different varieties of very common and most adaptable seasonal plant of summer, Gul Dopahri (Hindi name).

So many different colors, different arrangements of petals on floral head, different inflorescence (arrangement of flowers).

In some flowers, petals are sparsely arranged in a continuous whorl. While in some petals are intensely grouped and heavily arranged.


These plants can easily adapt to hot weather as they have got some innate defense mechanism against hot temperature’s unfavorable situations.They have fine spike like small leaves which prevent transpiration (loss of water through leaves) and help retaining moisture.

Other summer plant bearing very cute butterfly textured flowers is also blossoming incessantly.I am not sure about the name but the flowers are similar to Buttercup flowers.

They are also different colored and have also got small leaves, very much adaptable to hot weather.

They close and corollas get retracted very during day-time.When the sun is at its peak around 1 or 2 pm to 4 pm, these flowers along with earlier ones i.e. Gul Dopahri start retracting their corollas earlier to that time so that water loss is minimum and prevent themselves from hot scorching sun-rays.

Similar to Buttercup flowers (Pink)
Similar to Buttercup flowers (Pink)

Next one is our very own native plant that blooms whole year round with least care and you know which one is that? Yes, the Catharanthus.

Catharanthus roseus(L) and Catharanthus white(R)
Catharanthus roseus(L) and Catharanthus white(R)

As Catharanthus is called Sadabahar (Evergreen), it remains evergreen, green always.

This plant only provided me my much awaited shot, the butterfly on flower.

Yellow Butterfly on Catharanthus roseus
Yellow Butterfly on Catharanthus roseus

Finally I got it, my first “The Butterfly Shot” 🙂 Yellow Butterfly on Sadabahar (Catharanthus roseus).

Yellow Butterfly on Catharanthus roseus
Yellow Butterfly on Catharanthus roseus

Here the soil type is “Alluvial”. It is very fertile and very suitable for Catharanthus that’s why it blooms without any care.

This red colored summer flower is an unknown flower to me whose name is an unsure term. Somewhere it is called Gears flowers or simply Orange-red summer flower.

Red Lilies also bloomed to fullest in late spring and start of summer. These are perennial but their blooming season doesn’t last for whole summer &rainy season.

Though Marigold is a spring-winter flower but with proper care, it was blooming in summer also, not to fullest but to its maximum possible strength possessed by it in summer.

Orange Marigold
Orange Marigold

Other non flowering seasonal Plant for summer is Kochia, very common here and very suitable for the weather. It has also very small, fine, blade like leaves preventing transpiration and supporting the whole plant to bloom to the fullest.


Tradescantia pallida ‘Purple Heart’ (Purple Wandering Jew) is also a perennial. And if I say it is eternal then it seems no wrong as I have been seeing it at home for so many years but it never droops down a bit. Once planted it lives for years and years. It also blooms in summer, small cute purple flowers. It has very stiff, glazed purple leaves, very much adaptable to each prevailing temperature and weather conditions found here.

Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Heart' (Purple Wandering Jew)
Tradescantia pallida ‘Purple Heart’ (Purple Wandering Jew)

Initially saplings require excessive care but later when they get themselves rooted well, they flourish with comparatively lesser care. For all those caring suggestions and tips necessary in flourishing summer garden, you can refer my last post of nature, Scorched Flora Snaps: dried Plants, flowers, foliage in hot Weather. Otherwise a better understanding of excellent points, how to up bring summer plants well, visit here.

Love and Care for Nature& get the same in return from it.


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  1. chravi48 says:

    A good post with beautiful pictures.

  2. 綠化 says:

    What’s up, after reading this awesome article i am too
    delighted too snare my familiarity here wuth friends.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      You’re welcome here…..keep visiting to find more interesting stuffs

  3. Fauzia khan says:

    You have awesome variety of summer seaonal plants.i want seasonal plants for my lawn in reasonable charges

  4. Jay says:

    Hi. I was looking for potted plants for Indian summers. And yours is the only writeup that gives true information. Thank you😃

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