Mango Mocktail


Mongo Mocktail is another beverage I tried this mango season after Mango Melody.Mango Mocktail

As I had already mentioned in the post that I had not experimented very much with mangoes before entering into the blogging world but this season I came across with so many innumerable mango dishes which I could never ever think of. Thanks to innovative food bloggers. Because of them, I got to know about various mango dishes and was able to see the versatility of mangoes.

During initial mango season; at home mangoes had been getting eaten raw just like that as in fruit salads or shakes; no new or cooked forms were tried. But later in the season I had cartons of gifted mangoes available with me from our state’s capital of mangoes i.e. Malihabad. But everyone had already got bored of eating them raw in some same monotonous forms. Thus those prowling heaped mangoes made me to try out some new delicacies of mangoes. Those mangoes only facilitate me to proceed with my experimentations with them.

I had already given start to my experimentation with mangoes from Mango Melody and later I could possibly try out three more Mango recipes (including this one), coming up soon to appear here on the blog.

But for now, it is Mango Mocktail which is prepared in similar way as Mango Lemonade or it can also be said a Mango Lemonade in mocktail form. Last time in Beverages, I posted one lemonade recipe in association with melons, Melon Lemonade which was a quick to make recipe and prepared for consuming it fresh but this one can be kept in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

To have a closer know-how of this Mango Mocktail, give a look to the recipe.


Time Taken- For Preparation- 20 min

                       For Making- 10 min

Servings- 4-6

Category- Beverages


Mangoes- 2 ripe (large)

Granulated Sugar- 1/2 cup (adjusted to sweetness of mangoes, mine were too sweet)

Water- ¾ cup

Lime juice- of 6 lemons (small sized)

Lime flavored Soda drink/water- 3 cups

Ice-cubes- lots of (as desired)

To Garnish

Lemon wedge


Steps to follow-

Let’s first start with preparations

  1. Take ¾ cup of water in a heavy bottomed pan and heat it on flame. Add in sugar and keep stirring to dissolve the granules. Turn off flame and let it cool down.
  2. Meanwhile sugar syrup is cooling down, work on mangoes. Cut both cheeks of mango keeping its narrow end upside, and then cut its sides. Take one cheek piece and mark cuts lengthwise on whole piece and then horizontal to divide whole piece in diced form. Hold the piece with both hands keeping fingers underneath and thumbs on either end upside. Push it up from base side with fingers. Run a knife from one end to other at the base of peel to separate the cubes/diced pieces into the bowl. In similar way, do for other cheek-piece. Peel off the sides cut earlier and dice it. Keep collecting running juices in a bowl and clear away stuck-mush on core-stone and collect into the bowl with knife. Likewise do for other mango.
  3. Puree these mango pieces in a blender. For the time being keep that purée in blender only.
  4. Squeeze out lemons’ juice into a glass. Put aside.
  5. Mix this lime juice into sugar syrup.
  6. Add in lime-sugar syrup in to the blender containing mango pulp and churn to mix well.
  7. Decant in chilled soda water with lots of ice-cubes (as desired) into the blender and churn.


You can do the same step (Mango-lime-sugar mixture + Soda water + Ice cubes) in a mocktail shaker.

  1. Spread some salt on a plate; take one serving glass, smear its rim with a lemon wedge and dip this glass onto the plate so that salt sticks around its rim.
  2. Pour the prepared mocktail directly into the serving glass and serve chilled. Garnish the glass with one lemon wedge.Mango Mocktail


1. If you don’t find soda water healthy or doesn’t like it, then you can use chilled water of same quantity.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria Nasir says:

    Love mangoes n this sounds so refreshing and delicious!

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Hey Maria, finally you got to make one comment. Feels good to hear from you.
      Thank you Maria, really it is.

  2. This is fantastic Shobhana:). Lovely the ones published in the magazines :).
    Still waiting on your advise for the heat post for Mango Kheer :).

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Really Sonal? Thanks for the words of appreciation. I really feel good if someone likes my photography. I am also happy with the shot in its angle, its background and set-up but it lacked in proper lighting and camera settings I use. I have to bear with this camera only, I am using these days for the time being I don’t have DSLR.
      Emailed you in respect of the post of Mango Kheer.

  3. Deepali Jain says:

    lovely mocktail, Shobhana. I would surely like a glass!
    Do hop into my new space at and tell what do you think about it!

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you so much Deepali….. Congratulations that you have got your new domain in just fully fresh, new fangled avatar.
      I would love to visit there soon, for sure. Best of luck for blogging journey ahead.

  4. soumya shree says:

    Mangooo is my favourite! I absolutely love this fruit and the juice is perfect to beat the heat on a hot summery day! I usually buy KDD Harvest’s mango juice, chill it in the fridge until it is almost icy.. then blend the juice and drink it. Your recipe is soo different and looks yummy. Makes me wana drink it right now. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am gona make it right away 😀

  5. renee says:

    Easy on the Mangoes and white sugar as the mangoes tend to contain loads of sugar!*****

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