Latest Fashion Trends this Monsoon


Hi Femmes! Enjoying monsoon? I can feel, y’all are 🙂 . Thinking of Monsoon gives a delightful feeling, no? While thinking about it, the words come to one’s mind, are Heavy rains, raindrops, Umbrellas, boots etc. But when you come to think of Clothing trends, then you might feel wordless as whatever flaunting- fashionable you wear out of your trendy wardrobe, gets covered behind lackluster rain-coat if you step out in rain or whole efforts done on clothing & outfit appearance would go in vain when you get drenched in heavy downpour. Then everything comes out mucky, muddy with eeewww feel. So, you have to have be in Monsoon outfits with its required accessories.Therefore, why not you make your Monsoon wears as your fashion statements.

Yes, get ready to include Umbrellas, Raincoats, boots etc. as your fashion statements.

Trendy Umbrellas – This monsoon season, translucent sheer fabricated;clear domed style; light soothing colored umbrellas are so in fashion. Butterfly printed Umbrellas are so feminine-fashioned and are totally In.                                                                                                                        Polaroid: Rainy Weekend

Butterfly printed pastel blue umbrellas and rain-coats by Lie Sang Bong, have also marked their presence in Paris fashion week-2013, this summer. So if you manage to grab butterfly printed umbrellas for this season, then think you have won half of the fashion battle for this monsoon.                                                                                                       Butterfly Brolly

If you are in bright bubbly mood and like to be bold. Neon Umbrellas can also be good options. Don’t use umbrellas only to keep yourselves dry but also to team up with your each daily attire. I know this can be a quite tough job to do, for commoners or they may not find it rational advice but if you are a fashion freak and so much passionate to be at top of fashion race then you won’t mind splurging on trendy umbrellas completing your each outfit.

Fashionable RainCoats/Rain-TrenchCoats- In place of wearing your common boring rain-coats; you can wear knee-lengthed trench-coat style rain-coats or flowy knee lengthed rain-coats having funky prints, sheer plastic-fabric which not only protects from rain but also flaunts your trendy dress worn inside to raincoat. Different colors, different print and styles on different days. For this also butterfly prints are so very In. If you chose pastel blue color, the color of water, the color for rains and obviously the color for this fashion season. Though going monochrome would be boring then you can alter it with other different bright colors of the season like bright greens, yellow, neon colors on other days.                     e-Bay Shop Window 3

Stylish Printed Rain-BootsUltralite gum boots or Wellington boots with funky colored prints are trendy for monsoons.RAIN FLOWER 36/41

These prints can be different colored polka dots, paws, flowers, leopard prints etc. rain boots

They look funky and stylish as well as protective to your feet from mud and water.

Wellington Boots-Latest Fashion Trends this Monsoon

Funky Flip Flops- If you don’t want to hide your feet in boots and let them breathe fresh and want them also to enjoy rains then Flip Flops can accompany your feet best; lite, colory, comfortable.Funky Flip Flop SlippersIf they are funky-chunky, then they add more beauty to the lovely weather and to you too.Blue Flip Flops

Besides these, whatever you try to cloth on it should be knee lengthed only, be it capris, shorts or mini-skirts. Because there is no point wearing long, this can turn out muddy. You can accessorize with waterproof watches; printed scarves; aquamarine/turquoise stoned earrings, neck-pieces and bracelets in sliver chains and your all time companion, handy water proof printed or clear Tote Bags.

Go have fun in Monsoon with your stylish-fashionable Monsoon Avatar. Feel amok to run & fly high in rains, like a beautiful butterfly-chic.

Notes-These Suggestions and trends advised are not from any Fashion expert but are based on my fashion know-how (fashion as my keen interest) and my research on various high trending pages of fashion experts, found on Social bookmarking sites, having best pages from all around world.

The images are given to confer ideas well to y’all, which are from Safe search, licensed under CC search. For exceptionally beautiful and aptly chosen images, you can get connected with me on Pinterest or Stumble Upon to check out my likes and shares of best trending pages around the world in any of the categories I blog about. Join me on Fashion, clothing and jewelry of Stumble Upon and on Fashion Fiesta board of Pinterest for More fashion stuff.


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