Mango Kheer/Pudding or Mambazha Payasam-A Guest Post for SimplyVegetarian777


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Today here I am  back with my most lovable category “Food” again. For which I have chosen to share the post of Mango Kheer-A guest Post for SimplyVegetarian777@Wordpress. My wonderful friends and loyal readers might already know that this Mango kheer’s recipe was in my list of upcoming posts for long, which I had already intimated in my last posts of mango’s recipes, Mango Mocktail and Mango Melody. In the meantime I wished to write one guest post, for which I thought a sweet start with Mango Kheer will be apt 🙂 . Just like Cadbury says “Shubh Aarambh! Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye”! 🙂 (Let’s have something sweet for an auspicious beginning). Yeah for me, giving a start to writing Guest Post is an auspicious attempt. Fortunately I got Sonal ready to share it and here is my Post live on web now as Guest Post.

I am feeling very delighted to write my first Guest Post for Simply Vegetarian777. I thank a ton to Sonal for giving me opportunity to write Guest Post for her Blog. She is always cheerful, spreading smiles all around and at the same time very passionate as blogger too. Her blog is another very scrumptious blog sharing so many dishes from Indian cuisines as well as also having a right balance of exotic cuisines in fusion forms. Do check out her blog to see her innovative fusion dishes.Mango KheerPudding or Mambazha Payasam

Mango Kheer or Mango Pudding or Aam Ki Kheer or Mambazha Payasam or so on in various languages. Whatever name or whatever language you chose to call it, there will be no change in its scrumptiousness or its sweetness. It will always taste same sweet and scrummy 🙂 Earlier to my blogging journey, I was familiar with all these terms of kheer except last ones i.e. Mambazha Payasam, which I got familiar with, after meeting so many South Indian Bloggers using the word “Payasam” (Tamil word) for kheer so frequently;  that’s why it has also got entry into my diction.

One more recipe is yet to go on my blog with The King of Asiatic summer fruits, which will again be a cooked form of mangoes, a dessert and very delicious named Mango kesari or Mango Sheera/Mambazha Kesari. These are very few experimentations with mangoes I could try out among its vast series, this season.

Kheer is a divine dessert, always prepared on most of the special occasions, festivals, as offerings in prayers at temples and other holy places. It can be in association with various other ingredients as its major inclusion like with rice or vermicelli or tapioca pearls or fox-nuts etc. But here is one interesting and delicious twist to the recipe of Kheer by addition of mangoes as major ingredient and rice as sub-ingredient.

Mango Kheer is a sweet, creamy, rich-milky pudding of Mangoes, used there in as pulp; and petite portioned rice in thickened nutty milk having yellow tinge of mango and saffron. It is commonly eaten as dessert but sometimes on festive occasions it is also served as side dish for Pooris (fried breads)Mango Kheer featured image

A bite of Mango Kheer gives an immense pleasing feast to sweet-tooth; toothsome sweetness that melts in mouth, having combined sweet flavors of mango and sugary-soft-rice-y milk, with a fine mango-ish aroma intruded by dominating rosy aroma of rose essence.

Before we head towards jotting down the recipe, start cooking and gobbling it up whole, let’s know about what are we eating, about our star ingredient (it’s +points)- Mango-

  1. Improves skin’s texture and good for skin in summers.
  2. Increases Appetite.
  3. Good source of beta-carotene, antioxidants and is anti-carcinogenic.
  4. Improves memory and concentration due to presence of Glutamine acid (keeps brain cells active and boosts memory)
  5. Rich in Vitamin A, E & C and calcium.
  6. Good amount of dietary fiber.

This was all about Mango and Mango Kheer in short. Get a zoomed look at Mango Kheer by knowing its recipe below.Mango KheerPudding or Mambazha Payasam

For more of the post and method of cooking in step by step pictures visit at Sonal’s blog, Simply Vegetarian777.


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      Thank you….. emailing you one thing, find it in email.

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