Basundi is a delectable dessert belonging to Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat & Karnataka, but prepared in other regions of India too. “Basundi”, the name sounds weirdly rustic, no? But the name is conventional term coined for Sweetened dense milk.

It is purely prepared with milk only where dry fruits and nuts serve as icing on the cake. This time I tried and tasted on behalf of my friends and readers celebrating month of Ramadan. So this one is my contribution to the Ramadan’s Iftar-menu; where many of the desserts prepared with milk like kheers enjoy their special places. So, I thought Basundi like a dessert of milk only, would be a good sharing for the occasion’s stint going on.Basundi

Basundi is very much similar to kheer in preparation just with a difference of other main ingredient which happens to be rice or vermicelli there in, while here milk is the only single main-ingredient. Its consistency remains a bit runnier than rabdi (another sweet from India) when hot and becomes like rabdi or thick kheer on cooling.

In short, Basoondi is thickened, creamy sweet dense milk with a zesty flavor of saffron and nuttiness of various dry fruits and nuts, having fine aroma of green cardamom.

It’s a simple sweet dish prepared with just few ingredients and only one main ingredient, following an easier and simpler method of cooking. However, the upshot’s flavor is even yummier. The simpler is its recipe, the tastier is the cooked dessert. Although cooking method requires a bit longer time, but all seems worth when it is tasted. Like it succeeded in giving sweet-tooth to me; who doesn’t yearn for sweets easily, got tempted by it within no time. Then, I am sure you’d love its flavor.Basundi

Okay, okay! Time is running out too fast. Let’s get on to its recipe quickly to prepare it hastily for Iftars this Ramadan and on many special occasions to come. You can make your each dinner meal special, ending it with this delicious Basundi.


Time Taken- 1 hr 10 min


Category- Desserts


Full Cream Milk- 1 liter

Granulated Sugar- ½ cup

Saffron- 6-8 strands

Cashew nuts- 6 (chopped)

Almonds- 6 (chopped)

Unsalted Pistachio nuts- 2 tsp (chopped)

Cardamom- Powder- 1 tsp

To Garnish

Chopped nuts


Steps to follow-

  1. Take milk in a heavy bottomed deep vessel and heat it on high flame. Leave it to boil (Remove 1 tbsp of warm milk from it and dissolve saffron strands and keep it aside to release flavor and color).
  2. When it come to boil, lower the flame to medium-low and start stirring.
  3. Stir cook it by swirling it with ladle at frequent intervals, to reduce it to half.  Stir frequently and scratch from sides while reducing to avoid sticking or burning at bottom. (Reducing or evaporating milk may take 55 min to 1 hr).
  4. Now add in granulated sugar, dissolved saffron liquid, and cardamom powder. Again stir cook for 12-15 min stirring and scratching occasionally to get thick dense granular consistency of milk.
  5. This time, add dry fruits/nuts and cook for 2-3 min more.
  6. Leave it to cool off and serve chilled garnished with nuts & saffron.Basundi


  1. Use heavy bottomed Pan.
  2. Stirring and scratching sides at frequent intervals is important to take a note of.
  3. You can serve it chilled or can also freeze which can give kulfi kinda Ice-cream. Pooh did the same for her serving-Portion 🙂
  4. I have used full cream milk. You can also use low fat milk; then use some low fat cream to make creamier.
  5. You can hasten the thickening by adding heavy cream after adding sugar, saffron and cardamom to speed up thickening and reduce time taken by 10-15 min.

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