6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts


Hi femmes…. How are y’all? I think we have done enough of taking notes of recipes, trying them out in kitchen for long hours. Let’s comfort ourselves, relax on couch, have some soothing music and get indulged in caring, pampering and styling of our hands which do loads of daily stuff everyday.

Start with manicure at home and then proceed with giving some style to your hands. The biggest natural accessory your hands possess is your nails, which can be beautified more with nail-paint and if nail paint’s application gets creative then, the nail-art makes your hands stylish and trendy.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts

There are so many tools and ways of creating nail-art but today’s I am going to share very easy nail-art technique that will help you doing your nail-arts with no complicated tools, but only a single and omnipresent tool: Tape. That will help you creating no. of beautiful patterns easily, cleanly done and no fuss.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts

You can create numerous designs and patterns of nail-art with just this single tape. Here I have given 6 different patterns to give an idea about various patterns you can opt for. You can do other various patterns also applying your fashion art and creativity. So let’s begin with easy tutorials-

Specific Things needed for Tape Nail-Art:



Nail-paints of your choice of colors (I have taken different shades for different patterns: Aqua blue, Pastel Pink, red, white, black, yellowish-green)

Clear nail-Paint or shiner

Tweezer/forcep (Optional)

Obvious/Optional things needed-

Nail-Paint remover




I am explaining steps for one nail-art, other you can understand on your own through tutorial pics.


  1. Cut and file to shape your nails (as required). Remove nail-paint if any, wash hands and dry with towel.
  2. Before proceeding cut thin stripes of tape of sufficient length, more than the length of your nails, and of around 1 mm thick. Also cut 5 square or rectangular pieces of tapes of sufficient length and breadth covering the base of nail. After cutting, keep sticking them on a hard surface with one end and suspending other end in air. This will avail you easy availability of cut tape-stripes when you require them to place on your nails.
  3. Now apply base coat of pastel pink color on all nails and let it dry.
  4. Place and stick all 5 rectangular pieces of tape at all the 5 nail-bases like making a triangle towards up (when finger is held straight up).
  5. Then place and stick one tape-stripe diagonally above triangle towards center on right and left each. Both stripes meeting at center. Like wise stick other pair of tape-stripes and more if nail bed is long.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts
  6. When done with placing and sticking tape on one nail; Apply aqua-blue nail paint (having good runny fresh consistency of the nail-paint).Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts
  7. When the paint is still fresh on nails, not dried, remove each stripe with tweezer/forcep or just with other hand holding stripe’s suspending end. Your striped nail-art is ready for one nail.
  8. In similar way do for all nails one by one; when done with one, go for other nail.
  9. Let the patterns dry and then lock all the patterns with top coat of clear nail-paint/shiner.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts

These are 5 other patterns given to convey the idea of various possible patterns of striped nail-arts, you can create on yours. These are easily understandable with pictures.

Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts

Index finger-top coat-Black, Middle finger’s top coat-Red, Ring finger’s top-Black, Little finger’s top coat- white and thumb’s top coat-black.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts

You can create more patterns possible with tape stripes and cuts. Go using you’re a bit of creativity and beautiful nail-art patterns will be ready in jiffy.

Complete your stylish look of hands with stylish bracelet and bangles. Enjoy your stylish chic avatar.Femmehavenn: 6 Different Trendy Tape Nail-Arts


Before proceeding to create on your nails, read Notes.


  1. You can’t use any regular tape for nail-art, using a cello-tape is complete No. You should always use a tape that is very thin and veeerry less sticky (near to negligible). If you go for sticky tape, the pattern will turn out messy while removing tape-stripes.
  2. I had experienced using 3 tapes for tape nail-arts and the one with cello tape was complete mess. When I could not find scotch tape or striping tape nearby  I had experimented with cello-one and it was disaster. Then I tried with tape having less of sticky quality  that came out quite nice and third time when I used paper like least sticky white tape, it was pretty best. I experimented with tape options generally found in every home so you can opt for 3rd one i.e. white paper tape (similar to light medical tape) for best results.
  3. Other best recommended tape for Tape Nail-Art is scotch tape and striping tape available online especially  for nail-art. If you find them easily, go with any of them.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Very cute…I do the nails at an old people’s home on Thursdays…maybe I could try one of these patterns 🙂

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you so much…. these ones are really generous attempts. I wish you succeed creating beautiful patterns. Remember taking considerations of “Notes” (use thin white tape or scotch/striping tape)

  2. ponchojinjer says:

    Oh, this is really cool ! I’m about to try some nail tape art of my own

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Hi Peachy….you have also a wonderful blog about nail-arts and fashion. I liked there many of the nail-arts very much.
      Sure, do try and don’t forget to inform me about its review.

      1. ponchojinjer says:

        Oh no problem , I won’t . I’m about to upload a few more posts soon so I’ll let you know .

      2. ponchojinjer says:

        I actually just made some more posts if you want to check them out 🙂

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