Dhoka or Steamed Savory Bengal lentil Bars

Hello Everyone! How are y’all? You might have wondered where I have gone disappeared for all these days. Actually I was not disappeared, just was on break of few days. It was break though but I couldn’t restrain myself from my Google+ and Facebook audiences. I had been active on Facebook page & Google + and was sharing my interests stuff. All respective connected friends and readers know this very well. Meanwhile my PC was also annoyed of me and was sitting irked face in ire 😉 ; receiving no input of mine :(. However I managed to convince him* in lesser time. During that stint, whatever updates I could check, were with Pooh’s lappy. I missed y’all; did you?  I know y’all did. Now I am back….so there is no need to miss me anymore 🙂 . Or if you miss me, my posts here anytime, get connected with me on Facebook and Google + for my Blogging related stuffs.Femmehavenn: Dhoka or Steamed Savory Bengal lentil Bars

Here is the post of one traditional dish from North India called Dhoka (don’t get confused it with Dhokha, the Hindi word to deception :). It’s DHoKa not ). It is a steamed snacky bars of ground Bengal lentil with spicy, savory flavors. It is in most way similar to a Bengali Dish called Daaler Dhoka; just this North Indian Snack is a non-gravied version of that. Its preparation has also got similarity with western Gujarati snack, Dhokla. Similar to Dhokla where gram flour mix is steamed whereas here raw material of gram flour i.e. Bengal gram’s mix is steamed. But its bites, crunch, flavor, texture and ingredients differ from dhokla a lot. It’s not fluffy and soft like dhoklas but it has some differently flakey-tender-steamed crunch which is flavorful savory. It has another similarity with Besan ke ghatte. Dhoka is a regional Hindi word to cube/bar that’s why I feel the word Dhoka is traditionally named to this Cube/bar of Bengal gram snack. I have been eating this snack since my childhood and it is one of my favorite traditional snacks of North India. My Grand-Mom taught its preparation method to my Mom and I learned it from both. My Granny had been steaming it in some different style; she used to make potli-s (pouches) of ground Bengal lentil in some muslin cloth and put in hot boiling water to get steamed cooked. The result of that kind of steaming used to have no difference to that of steamer ones in particular for this snacks’ case. Though for this time, making these I have used Cooker-steamer but the former way can also be used.Femmehavenn: Dhoka or Steamed Savory Bengal lentil Bars

Okay let’s get on to recipe now after knowing enough about Dhoka-


Time Taken- For Preparation- 12 hrs

                       For Cooking- 35 min


Category- Snacks/Appetizers


Split Bengal Gram/lentil- 1½ cups (soaked)

Garlic Cloves- 5 small

Green chillies-3

Red chilli Powder- 1 tsp

Salt-to taste

For Spicy Coating-

Red Chilli Powder- ½ tsp

Turmeric- ¾ tsp

Coriander Powder- 1 tsp

Garam Masala Powder- ½ tsp

Roasted Cumin Powder- 1 tsp

Dry Mango Powder- ½ tsp

Salt- ½ tsp

Oil- 2 tsp

Cumin seeds- 1½ tsp

Lemon- 1

To Garnish-


Green chillies

Lemon wedges

Steps to follow-

  1. Wash and soak Bengal lentils overnight.
  2. Strain, rinse and drain away excess water. Then move ahead to grind it smooth having green chillies and garlic cloves therein. Grind it in its own moisture or just with a tbsp of water.
  3. Take out the lentil paste and mix in red chilli powder and salt (mix salt at that moment only when you are about to steam it).
  4. Now grease the steamer’s plate or mould to steam; spread the lentil mix over it smoothly and tap a bit.
  5. Get your steamer ready. Place it in steamer and steam for 20-25 min.
  6. Take it out and let it cool down to room temp. Cut the steamed round of lentil in bars or cubes. Put them aside for a while.
  7. Heat oil in a pan; add in cumin seeds, let them crackle.
  8. Now add in all powdered spices of “For Spicy Coating” followed by instant water drizzle (or you can make spices’ paste with water and then add)
  9. Stir cook spices till they are done.
  10. Mix in lentil cubes to get coated with spices’ mixture.
  11. Turn off flame and serve it hot and garnished, with a drizzle of some lemon juice. Pair it up with some savory dip.Femmehavenn: Dhoka or Steamed Savory Bengal lentil Bars

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  1. Loved it. Made something similar today in my electric baking pan:). Awesome recipe.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      You made after seeing this recipe 🙂 or already had the thing in mind? Well you might already know of these?

      Thank you for liking 🙂

      1. Nah! Wa making kadhi chawal for lunch. Instead of fire pakodas, I baked them in the popper :).
        Saw yours later ;). But tempering them sounds so good:).

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