Kasuri Aloo

Poataoes seem everyone’s favourite. And in North India, many of the curries are cooked in combination of potatoes only, with some other sub-veggie. Potato is a must possessed vegetable of any Indian Pantry. Therefore for this time my post is dedicated to much liked veggie of all curries, Potato (aloo-Hindi name).Kasuri Aloo

This Kasuri Aloo is again one dry curry of potatoes; where kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) also obtains a key ingredient share. This potato curry smells damn heavenly and one gets tempted by its aroma only. Flavour of kasuri methi in blend of spices and condiments tastes scrumptious with potatoes. Here the use of yogurt plays a significant role in balancing the slight bitterness of kasuri methi very aptly and imparting perfect tang and tartness to the dish.

I feel, I have acquainted enough of the dish and recipe in the above rough blueprint-description in short. So now let’s head towards the recipe straightway to know in full.


Time Taken- For Preparation-15 min

                       For Cooking- 20-25 min

Servings- 4

Category- Curry (side dish of Main Course)


Potatoes- 9 small (boiled, peeled, halved)

Roasted Kasuri Methi (Dried fenugreek leaves) – ¼ cup (powdered)

Asafoetida- 1 pinch

Cumin Seeds- 1tsp

Mustard seeds- ½ tsp

Onion- 2 medium (sliced thinly)

Ginger- 1 inch (minced)

Garlic- 6 (minced)

Green chillies- 4 (slits)

Turmeric- ½ tsp

Red chilli Powder- 1tsp

Coriander Powder- 2½ tsp

Cumin Powder- 1 tsp

Garam Masala Powder- ½ tsp

Yogurt- ½ cup

Salt- to taste

Oil- 1 tbsp

Cilantro/Coriander leaves- to garnish

Steps to follow-

  1. Place a deep pan on flame and put in oil to heat up. Add in asafoetida, cumin seeds and mustard seeds to crackle.
  2. Now add onions and sauté them until they turn golden brown.
  3. Add in garlic and ginger along with slit chillies and sauté for a minute.
  4. Put in all powdered spices followed by drizzle of li’l bit water and keep sautéing spices till they are done.
  5. Mix in yogurt and give a stir to mix everything well. Leave it to cook for 2-3 min stirring occasionally.
  6. Now mix kasuri methi and boiled potatoes. Season it with salt. Gently stir to coat potatoes uniformly with whole spicy-gravy mix.
  7. Take out, garnish and serve hot with pooris, flatbreads or roti-s.Kasoori Aalu

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  1. nandoo says:

    kasuri aloo – a very healthy recipe and wonderful click dear
    ongoing event: healthy breakfast

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you 🙂 ……thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah I remember it very well dear.

  2. Yumm yumm yumm. I love it:). I make it often too. Goes so well with poor is and paranthas. Your picture is super cute:)

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you 🙂 ……I was also wishing it to have with pooris but avoided because…..you can guess the reason 😉 🙂 trying to be right on way to shed some extra kilos 🙂

  3. Love potatoes this way. I can enjoy this with roti and some sweet mango pickle anytime.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you Ash…. yeah it would definitely taste nice with roti and pickle.

  4. Love potatoes in any way…. and i love it spicy…. plz do check my twist on the great Potato..http://abowlofcurry.blogspot.com/2013/08/potato-masala-roast.html..
    My blog

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