Blogiversary- One Year Blog-Journey Reminisced

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BLOG!! Yeah my friends it’s the very “Surprise Post” which was predecided to arrive here soon. All who would have given a look on the “Post to arrive next, soon” widget on RHS, would be wondering what about would that surprise post be? So, is there anyone out there, who guessed it right?……Anyone?

I had given a Guessing Thumbnail in the widget’s pic! The Beautiful Cake!

Some might have guessed that I am going to post the recipe of that cake 🙂 or did anyone guess something else? I wish I could…. But still I am far away from proper baking and very far away from that beautiful cake 😦 but One day I will!

Anyways that cake was symbolizing the Birthday feast of my Blog. Now the surprise has been unveiled. I am so very delighted on completing one year in this blogosphere. I am now one year experienced of Blogging and Blogosphere; one year of joyous delicious learning, cooking, gorging & endearing blogging about FOOD, fashion, nature & home-garden, entertainment, creativity & art and Skin-Care & Beauty. In this one year I learned a lot, many new things, new delicacies, new ingredients, photography skills, food styling, cooking tips & techniques and a lot more. Still learning and lots of things are yet to learn and will always be learning.

One thing is noticeable here that my birth’s and my blog’s birth’s month are same, the Sensational September! 🙂 But my blog is only one year old and I am…… ssshhhh, girls don’t tell their ages….they are Ageless, Evergreen, always young! 🙂 Am I right femme-s? Absolutely, no doubt! 🙂

So this is the noticeable thing here, the birth’s month. Sorry I couldn’t share the enjoyable birthday experience of mine which was not so enjoyable without my blogosphere visit and without my loving Pooh. For earlier, you know the reason very well and latter one was because of her professional studies affairs, she was away. Now she has come back & brought various stuffs as my birthday presents which are new add-ons to my wardrobe and accessories collection 🙂

So I was at my blog journey, right? One year ago, on the same day my first post was published & that too by chance when I was playing and testing with the various facilitated buttons of the dashboard. I drafted a short post of one of my interests & that got published on pressing “publish”. Neither I genuinely had any ideal blog in mind before beginning nor any depth of blog except few official food sites like Sanjeev Kappor’s, Tarla Dalal, Edible Garden & few others for food and for other interests. Those few others were not very influencing in comparison that’s why they couldn’t leave any mark or there was nothing in them to say them very admiring whichever few sites I had visited earlier just like that. I just had a word in my mind “Blog” and my blog just happened by chance. Or my one year research prior to blog, for learning new food delicacies & surfing on net for one or other reasons subconsciously, enthused me to develop the blog. I really can’t say which one but it just happened. I joined WordPress with a vague thought in mind that I would create blog and then would update and share some interesting and useful info and know-how of my interests on the blog in leisure. All those girly kind of interests that I have, with the keenest interest, food as major one, and all that would be shared with all girls/women and everyone else having same interests.

With pacing up step by step in blogosphere & knowing things about it,  my blog was required to make adaptations to be more manageable by only one-single author, me so I did accordingly, developed it majorly as food blog and minorly a lifestyle kind of blog. I try my level best to comply with its basic idea of foundation and justify its objective. So it is still adapting.  Adaptations are Nature’s law and it’s continuous I guess.

Then after first post, next post was published in November on 3rd. You might have seen one month lull of October. What’s that Lull, friends? Actually it’s lull of teething! Teething! Yes, teething 🙂 my blog was developing its taste buds and teeth 😉 Without teeth how could it start gorging on these many delicious foods I was going to prepare 😉 🙂 Just kidding, during that period I was getting acquainted with the blog’s technicalities, its basics & know-how of blogosphere.

That means proper postings started in November. Thus after one month of teething (my blog’s teething period 😉 ) it started getting fed in November (the Annaprashan day 😉 )

During this one year I have written 173 posts so far. Out of which 131 belong to the FOOD; 12 belong to Fashion; 9(+1-one page) to Nature & Home Garden; 8 (+1-Page) to Entertainment, 18 to Art & Creativity, 3 to Skin-Care & Beauty (Few posts are in common). 21 posts belong to the category Photography, which I felt had good photography.

Every post written is equal for bloggers. He/She tries to give the best in each post but differences do come. Some posts come out very nice, excellent whereas some couldn’t live up to expectations. And all that happens because of difference in readership or viewership or following or some unintentional lack on blogger’s part. Same applies for my blog-posts too. So I just want to intimate with y’all the five posts of my blog frequently on top on the basis of views everyday-


Tandoori Roti (at home, no microwave, no tandoor) – always on top

Recipe for Momos & Szechwan/Sichuan Sauce

Recipe for Instant Uttapam

Mint-Garlic Butter-Naan (on Pan/Tawa, without Tandoor/Microwave-Oven)

Recipe for Puffy Pan Naan (All Purpose flour flat-bread)Blogiversary- One Year Blog Journey Reminisced

Popular Posts of subsidiary Categories

Fashion- Most elegant apparel chosen for this festive Season

Nature- Macro-shots of blooming Winter-Spring flowers

Entertainment- Kinds of music popular in India or Celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema-Bombay Talkies

Creativity & Art- Food Art with Bananas & Birthday Card-DIY

Skin Care & Beauty- 7 foods good for skin, this summerBlogiversary- One Year Blog Journey Reminisced

Despite being equality given to all posts of the blog, I feel there are some posts which become extra-special due to some reasons. If I am right it would also be for other bloggers too.

Some posts are extra-special due to special memories attached with them or because of extra efforts you put in to make them more special & get responded same in return or because of your unique creativity involved etc etc. Hence, I also treasure some of the posts among which top five in Food are-

(Including earlier mentioned five)Kathal-Kofta (Fried Jack-fruit balls in rich spicy gravy),

Steamed mini Chocolate Cake (no-bake)

Soya Kofta Curry

Shahi Paneer

Batata vada/Paneer-Cheese Kathi Rolls

In others-

Fashion- Latest Fashion Trends this Monsoon

Nature- Garden Wanderers on Spring Flowers-Nature Clicks or Dazzling white Daisies-Ducks Shots

Entertainment- Miley Sur Mera Tumhara-National emblem of unity in diversity, Chorus of India

Creativity & ArtArtistic Eggs- Food Art with Eggs

Skin Care & Beauty– Same as above (7 foods good for skin this summer)

With this I also want to announce a tradition or trend for my blog which is an effort to give it a more organized and disciplined look that all coming Fridays will be FOOD-LESS FRIDAYS (FLF)! No you don’t have to keep fast to visit here 😉 but all subsidiary/minor categories related posts will be published on Fridays. Whenever a post will be published on Friday, it’ll be a FLF Post related to any one of the five subsidiary categories. Fridays, start of weekends & a relaxed mood will be introduced to some interesting stuff related to either fashion or nature & home-garden or entertainment or creativity & art or skin-care & beauty. But in case of any fail on Fridays for Sub category, the other predecided post will be published on later days skipping Friday. Fridays fixed for Subsidiary categories only. I have this in mind for quite long time but couldn’t gather guts to announce but this time ultimately announced with a hope that I would be able to abide by this rule & tradition without any fail.

Now I am leaving you guys to have some preparation for today’s celebration feast as token of my happiness on 1st blogiversary 🙂 Meet you all in my next post, till then take a stroll through my posts showing my one year journey and be ready for more useful matter in many more years to come.

Loads of Loads of thanks to each and every visitor and reader, all my blogger-friends, all followers of the blog & each social network and not to forget pioneer followers, visitors & bloggers who gave me extra happiness and encouragement to move ahead with better posts, when it was sheer beginning. Huge thanks to all loyal readers, viewers, visitors and dear friends for their love, trust, support, & encouragement in the form of their responses be it in follows, shares, comments, reblogs or likes. Please keep bestowing the same in many more years to come ahead, it will make me feel encouraged always to do better and I’ll be enthused to introduce more and more useful stuffs here.


Would love to hear from you!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Namrata says:

    Congratulations Shobhana.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you very much, Namrata 🙂

  2. Excellent post Shobhnaa:). Congratulations! It’s a pleasure to be a part of your blogging journey!

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thanks so very much, Sonal 🙂 ….. Fancy having you as a very special part of my blog-journey 🙂

  3. Congratulations and all the very best for lots of future posts! 🙂

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thank you so much Priya 🙂

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