Home-Garden Edibles with Fruiting-Stages in Papaya

This is going to be a Foof-Less Friday (FLF) Post about home-garden’s edibles-bearing plants under Nature and Home-Garden category. It’s not totally food-less because we have garden edibles in the post.

After having photography trailers of seasonal flowers here, from my home-garden; I am going to share the remaining space allotted to few edibles-bearing plants.

First one is Papaya Plant which has now become a well flourished tree bearing so many fruits.

Papaya Tree Top
Papaya Tree Top

It is on the top of my garden edibles which is doing so good in alluvial kind of soil of Northern India. It just grew out of one of few seeds (stiff dark black) sown, which was from a store bought papaya fruit during summer. It became a well grown tree and started budding & flowering during later summer on start of rains. And now in autumn it is fruiting so well.

Papaya fruiting down to up
Papaya fruiting down to up

They will take some time to ripen.  This papaya tree has another subsidiary tree growing laterally from its side. Papaya tree is perennial and it flowers & fruits whole year & so on in later years also. Most common fruiting seasons of a year are extreme summer and winter. I am feeling I am going to have frequent doses of papaya fruits in my diet now 🙂 . On one side it’s good also that I am going to get regular catches of all those health benefits & nutrition I have shared here in Papaya Smoothies Post. If you were searching for healthy recipes with papaya, you can go with Smoothies.

This post is also showing fruiting stages of Papaya, which  took me a bit long time to capture all stages- budding, flowering, and fruiting.

All three stages of fruiting together in one view

Next plant is of beetroot. Beetroot requires proper large under space of soil to bud and fruit but I just sowed a small sprouting beetroot in a pot during summer just to see its Plant appearance. Its plant gives an ornamental plant like look with its burgundy stalks and burgundy streaks in green leaves.

Beetroot Plant
Beetroot Plant

Next one is bitter gourd vine. It’s also grown out of seeds (ripened red) sown from a store bought bitter-gourd. Its vine needs a support to grow long & long. In growing long, its tendrils (coiled green structure) play an important role. These tendrils catch up its support forward and help growing the vine further long. It’s flowering (a small flower bud can be seen in pic) but has not born any fruit yet. Waiting for its fruit to appear…

Few other edibles are rewinded ones which were part of my garden in spring and summers.

Maqui berry like fruits,

mustard flower plants,

Mustard flowers Plant
Mustard flowers Plant

Onion flower of Onion Plants.

Onion Flower plant
Onion Flower plant

I am looking for few more cute small edibles that can be planted & grown easily in the  home-garden. Until they are sown and get flourished, keep rolling with our Cooked food. Meet y’all in the next Food Post. Ciao Friends!

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  1. An excellent post Shobhnaa.

    1. shobhnaa says:

      Thanks so much….I really adore your comments. Thank you for praising my each post & for being a constant encouraging fellow. Love you 🙂

      1. You are a sweetheart Shobhnaa 🙂

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