Khurma or Shakkar-Para (Sugar Coated Diamond Cuts)

In the preparations of Diwali, everyone is looking busy in buying new ensembles, accessories, gifts & other festive stuffs; preparing storable festive munchies; cleaning & giving new look to home etc etc. So many things required to be done rightly to enjoy each bit of festivity to the fullest and everybody wants it. Don’t we? Yeah… I was also a bit busy in such tasks and still am. My Home was also being given makeover & everything was going helter skelter that’s why, couldn’t connect here. However, I managed to find time to take short glimpses of y’all here & social networks. Didn’t y’all meet me? 😉 ….Khurma  or Shakkar-Para (Sugar Coated Diamond Cuts)

So…., here is the post of Khurma which was in line to be updated here; also know as Shakkar Para. Khurma are conventional North Indian sweet-snacks, prepared on festive occasions. Don’t get confused with the name “Khurma” as Khurma(Sheer-Khurma) is also a term used for Seviyan Kheer prepared with dates. Khurma is regional North or North-Eastern term of these sugar-coated all purpose flour diamond-cut snacks. These can also be said as sweet version of Nimki or Namak Para. They have somewhat similar dough as nimki except few petite differences. And what makes them sweet is the sugar coating like I had done for Balushahi. It has simple recipe and results in scrummy munchy sweet snacks that can be prepared in advance and stored for approx 2 weeks.


Time Taken- For Preparation- 10 min

For Cooking- 35 min

Servings/Yield- 2/3 of 1500 ml jar

Category- Snacks


All Purpose Flour/ Refined flour (Maida) – 1½ cups

Oil- 1/4 cup

Baking Powder- ¼ tsp (optional)

Salt- a pinch (optional)

Lukewarm Water- as required

For Sugar Syrup

Sugar- 1 cup

Water-1/3 cup

Cardamom Powder- ½ tsp (optional)

Steps to follow-

  1. Take all purpose flour in a large bowl; add in melted ghee or oil (and salt & baking powder which are optional. I added only baking powder). Mix both into a crumbling mixture with hands.
  2. Now knead this crumbling mixture into smooth dough adding water little by little as required. Keep this dough covered with damp cloth for 10 min.
  3. Then after knead it again and divide this dough in two large balls.
  4. Take one ball, round it smooth, flatten and roll out into large thin (not very thin but thin) circle.
  5. Cut this circle into diamond cuts; first mark deep cuts vertically with knife, at equal distance (approx of 1” thick) and then diagonally. Diamond cuts are ready ((you can choose any size for your cuts)).Khurma  or Shakkar-Para (Sugar Coated Diamond Cuts)
  6. Separate those cuts on a plate.
  7. Heat oil in a deep pan for frying; drop a piece of cut into the oil, if it sizzle & rise instantly then oil is hot enough & ready for frying.
  8. Transfer the whole lot into frying pan if it’s large enough to accommodate all. Fry them on medium-high flame turning twice or thrice until they are golden brown. Drain out on a kitchen towel. Go same with other lot.
  9. Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup. Take sugar & water in a vessel, and heat it on a flame & let sugar dissolve. Add cardamom powder & keep it to simmer until thick & acquires one thread consistency (( to check drop some syrup in a bowl full of water the sugar drop will separate out whirly mass, taking that in pinch and on separating the fingers, it will show one thread)) stirring occasionally.
  10. After sugar syrup is ready, instantly transfer the fried diamond cuts in the syrup.
  11. After dipping & coating of whole syrup, take them out on a plate & place separately without clumping them together. Leave them to get cool down to have thick hard sugar coating.
  12. Plate up & enjoy crunchy munchy-soft sweet bites.Khurma  or Shakkar-Para (Sugar Coated Diamond Cuts)

Note- I have given them thin sugar coating but if you wish you wish you can give thick coating by two threaded sugar-syrup coating in place of one & let them be in syrup for sometime. I just dipped coated them took out. This helped in getting right sweetness, not over sweet.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. One of my favourites from when I was young. Thank you for sharing… reminds me of my grandmother who used to make them for me x

    1. shobhnaa says:

      🙂 yeah some foods do create nostalgia.

  2. Shruti says:

    I love this munching entity on my plate always!!! Simply superb…

    1. shobhnaa says:

      thank you 🙂 I also like them very much….

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