Kasuri Mathri/ Methi Mathri

Kasuri Mathri or Methi Mathri is a kind of Mathri flavoured with dry fenugreek (Methi) leaves (also k/a Kasuri Methi) in milder portion.Kasuri Mathri/ Methi Mathri

I had prepared these on the day of Diwali as a part of festive menu, they were absolute delish therefore I thought to share at the earliest but due to pre-engaged post of Hariyali Aloo chaat, it’s gone delayed.

However,here it’s nothing like that the special delicacies of festive menu can’t be relished during usual day to day life. When I am sharing it now; with the help of this recipe you can prepare these now also, store them & can serve as tea time snacks, a crunchy munchy accompaniment to hot tea/coffee in some cool-breezy aura as pure delight.

After preparing various all purpose flour snacks like mathri, papdi, crust-coating of samosa etc. It has been noticed by me that in getting that good flakiness along with crunchiness, the role of moyan (the oil/ghee that turns flour into crumbling mixture) is vital. Generally, addition of moyan a bit less to ¼ =¼ of the qty of flour, gives the dough good flakiness to snacks and when dough is rolled out thinner it becomes crunchy on frying. Too thinner elongation/rolling out gives more crispiness whereas a bit thickness balances both well, gives crunchiness/crispiness & flakiness too. Here, for Kasuri Mathri, we want the latter feature. Thus, with this discussion I feel, you can decide what kind of feature you want for your mathri-s/other all purpose flour snacks/crispies/munchies.Kasuri Mathri/ Methi Mathri

In addition to this, here the blend of dry fenugreek leaves is so complementing and gives these mathri-s nice aromatic mild fenugreeky flavour. Loved them very much. Try out; you’ll also like them very much. Have a note of their recipe here:


Time Taken- For Preparation- 20 min

                       For Cooking- 40 min

Servings/Yield- approx 40

Category- Snacks


All Purpose flour/ Refined flour (Maida) – 2 cups

Dry Fenugreek leaves (Kasuri Methi) – 3 tbsp

Onion Seeds (kalonji) – 1/2 tsp

Oil/melted clarified butter (ghee) as Moyan- 1/3 cup

Salt- 1 tsp or to taste (or a bit lesser to taste)

Lukewarm water- as required

Oil- for deep frying

Steps to follow

  1. Mix salt in all purpose flour and then add melted ghee/oil. Crumble up with hands to mix oil/ghee in whole flour.
  2. Then mix in dry fenugreek leaves and onion seeds in this crumbled up flour mixture.
  3. Now start kneading it in dough by adding water little by little. Knead it into dough (a not so smooth would also do). Leave it to rest for 15 min covered with damp cloth.
  4. Now give a rough kneading again and divide dough into 4 equal large portions.
  5. Take one portion & round it in a smooth large ball and then shape it into a cylindrical structure of approx 1” diameter.
  6. Cut this dough-cylinder into smaller equal portions (approx 1.5 cm thick). Round each small portion and one by one, give each portion light strokes of pastry roller to roll out thin but not too thin (or just press with hand).
  7. Mark few pricks with fork on both sides of these prepared small mathris.
  8. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying, when oil is hot enough for frying, transfer them to get fried. Fry them on medium flame until they turn nice golden brown & crispy. Drain on a kitchen paper. Similarly go with other remaining 3 batches.
  9. Serve crispy flaky Methi Mathri-s with hot tea or store.Kasuri Mathri/ Methi Mathri

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More Snacks recipes: Here

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